Ashton – Rescued With a Severe Upper Respiratory Infection

5/24/21 – Yesterday was a busy day. It was mid-afternoon when I received a call from Shayla (whom we’ve helped on several occasions) about this very sick baby she was on her way to rescue. Fortunately, our friend Deb Friedman at Comfort’s Place in Redford was waiting for the baby to come in AND, double fortunately, the doctor was actually in performing a number of spays/neuters yesterday. Deb assured Shayla that the kitten would be seen between surgeries. Here is Shayla’s report:
“Update: It takes a village! I got the message about her at 12:30. The guy who had her his yard had already posted her on Craigslist. 🙄 So I dropped everything and my awesome hubby was the chauffeur to Detroit and all over the place this afternoon. Three hours later and with the help from Diana Rascano , Deborah Friedman , and Amanda Callahan , she went straight to Comforts Place, paid for by 4 Paws and 1 Heart, and is being fostered by Amanda. I am hoping to get her adopted out through Nadi Tanbakuchi ‘s amazing rescue group, For the Love of Cats, when she is old enough. I love my rescue people beyond words! 💗💗💗
This is what happens when you don’t spay or neuter your cats and let them outside to just do whatever. This baby was saved today and I’m praying she is healthy enough to get a good home soon. Her lungs are full of fluid thanks to a nasty upper respiratory infection which is why her eyes are like this. She is a sweet friendly girl we’ve named Ashton. Keep this little girl in your prayers that she will make a full recovery! – Shayla”
Ashton was able to go home with her foster mom. Another baby saved. Without the village Ashton could have eventually lost her eyes, or worse, died. Thank You for your support. – diana
“People who love cats have some of the biggest hearts around.” – Susan EasterlyAshton-shayla dean kitten -- 5:23:21 Ashton-shayla dean kitten 5:23:21 ashton on the way to comfort's place 5:23:21
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