BEA – She was Rescued from a Drug House Only to Wind Up With an Abuser and Suffering with Entropion

11/18/21 – It’s been a little over 11 years that 4 Paws 1 Heart was started. You would think that after paying $1,163.406 in medical treatment for the abandoned and abused, there would be less orphans on the streets and less critical situations. But, unfortunately, the need keeps getting greater and that’s why I continue to report on the many cases we are involved in. Here is the first of two recent cases that 4 Paws 1 Heart will be covering and that I will be reporting on today.

This is Bea. Two days ago I received a call from one of our rescue friends about a dog who was being beaten by his ‘owner’. Our friend along with another rescue friend were going to be leaving immediately to try and get her. The story is that Bea had been ‘rescued’ from a drug house only to wind up in the hands of an abuser who regularly beat her and ignored her medical needs. Beautiful but sad Bea is an American Bulldog mix, approximately 70 lbs, and 1 about 1 1/2 years old. Even with what appears to be a lifetime of abuse she has a mild temperament and seems dog and people friendly. She is also house trained and friendly with chickens. When Bea was freed from her abuser, she was taken in to one of our partner vets who examined her and gave her needed vaccines. The doctor also determined that poor Bea had entropion of both eyes. We’ve taken care of many cases like this in the past. Entropion (eyelashes grow inward to the eyeball), if left untreated will cause blindness and during the process will cause much pain to the animal. Learning this, we immediately lined up an appointment with another partner vets who has done this type of surgery for us. Bea will be spayed, have the surgery on her eyes, and get her very long, painful nails trimmed. Currently she is decompressing in our friend’s home but a loving furever home/foster is very much needed. So if you or anyone you know needs some unconditional love, please contact Shelley at: [email protected] Bea deserves a new life.

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