GINGER – Hit By A Car and Suffered Head Trauma

9/14/21 – Ginger roamed the neighborhood and was being fed by a very kind couple for two years. One day he didn’t show up as usual and he remained missing for about 3 weeks. When he did finally return, he appeared to have been hurt/hit by a car. Over the period of a few weeks, Ginger was originally seen by the finder’s vet but nothing was actually done. We were then contacted and we authorized a visit to one of our partner vets. Ginger was examined and though nothing was found to be broken, the doctor believed that Ginger had no feeling in her hind area. The doctor believed that Ginger might have suffered a trauma to the head. Ginger was given steroids and antibiotics and seen a couple of times. We then took care of any medical requirements needed in hopes she would be accepted into a sanctuary. Although she was friendly with the couple who fed her, they were convinced that she would not do well as a home-bound cat. Thankfully, Toby’s Place was finally able to take in Ginger and with many tears, the couple said their goodbyes and we wish Ginger a safe and comfortable life. – diana

SIMBA – Found in the Bushes with an Upper Respiratory Infection

9/14/21 – Simba was found hiding in the bushes near a woman’s workplace. Fortunately, she was able to get him and keep him safe in her home until we were able to get him to a partner vet. The little guy had an upper respiratory infection but we were able to get him all fixed up and neutered and vaccinated. His finder will be a first-time cat ‘servant’. haha – Diana

PACO – Was Being Sold for Drugs

9/13/21 – Paco is believed to be a Staffy/Shepherd mix about 10 months old. Unfortunately, he was trying to be sold by someone looking for drugs. A friend of 4p1h was able to get him and contacted us for help with vetting. We will make sure that all of his medical needs are met and the finder will work with him to make sure he trusts humans. It is sad that far too many dogs are used to raise money for nefarious reasons and only God knows what will happen to these animals who find themselves in the hands of dog fighters or worse. –

BENZO AND TWIN – Left Behind When Their Owners Moved

9/12/21 – Benzo and Twin. Unfortunately, anyone involved in saving the lives of the abandoned and abused have heard this story one too many times. Man/Woman breaks up with Woman/Man — Man/Woman doesn’t want the pets but will take the boyfriend/girlfriend back. Pets are either thrown outside to fend for themselves or left behind in a vacant home to starve to death and wallow in their own feces. This is what happened with Benzo and Twin. Left behind in the house because one of the partners didn’t want them. Thankfully, people who learned of the situation, got in touch with me and these little guys who were already beginning to show signs of malnutrition will be seeing a vet tomorrow and will get neutered, vaccinated, and tested. If you are interested in these approximate one-year-old boys, contact Jessica at: [email protected] – Diana

AGNES – Her Injuries Were Too Severe – Rest In Peace

9/9/21 – RIP Beautiful Agnes. She was TNR’d the month before and then last Thursday she showed up on the caretaker’s porch with what appeared to be two broken back legs or a broken pelvis. The caretaker immediately got her in the car and started on a long trip to a 24/7 hospital. While in transit she contacted me. Although this was a hospital in which we don’t normally work with, I agreed to pay for the exam and assessment and to determine next steps from there. After hours of waiting, it was determined that Agnes’ injuries were just too severe and the doctor and the caretaker decided to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. We were thankful to at least play a role in making sure Agnes did not die alone, suffering on the street and we so very much caretaker, Megan, for everything she did for little Agnes. – diana


I am way overdue on posting this happy pup date. “Jazzy” (my last foster puppy) now known as “Dixie” is in her fur ever home ♡ She was found as a dumped stray with Parvo Virus and with very aggressive treatment she survived. One of her siblings passed away, and 2 more were treated through 4 paws 1 heart. My Angel girl helped with fostering as she always does.. ♡♡♡ Dixie loves her new family and she blends right in. Thank you to Moore Veterinary Hospital for her care and all who sent 🙏 and positive vibes. She’s definitely a fighter because she was so very sick.. Here are the before and after pics along with the pics of Dixi with her new family ♡Gina

KITTENS – Rescued 3-4 Years Ago With Their Happy Updates

9/7/21 – I just received this in our messages and I had to share it with oursupporters because without the generosity of our friends, these stories would never exist. Thank You to the rescuers and our supporters! – Diana“I just want to give you guys a little encouragement today. These are 3 three stray kitties you helped over the past 3-4 years. The grey one was the shy kitten with an eye hanging out sitting in the garbage at the curb I stopped for. The orange stray kitten was the one with a blind eye from an upper respiratory. And the black one was the one kitten laying in a friends driveway sickand dying. 4 Paws 1 Heart saved them all.. They all say THANK YOU for loving strays and helping them when they have no one ELSE to help them….. I love these babies and they are loved. Instead of living a life in the street sick or dead or terrified of people, alone and scared…they just got done munching on a snack of sardines in a warm and safe home together as siblings now. – Candi”

HARRIET (AKA HERMAN) – Found Lethargic and Very Tiny

9/7/21 – The other day I received this message from an independent rescuer who has fostered and saved a countless number of cats and kittens. “I caught this little kitten in my yard two nights ago. He is now safely in my laundry room. May I have permission to take him to the vet? He’s tiny, maybe six or seven weeks. He has fleas, and I’m afraid to put anything on him that could be harmful to a wee one. He also feels very warm, and kind of lethargic, but he might just be decompressing from being scared outside. So far, he seems semi feral, but has already started purring and showing me his belly, so we are off to a good start. We are temporarily calling him Pee Wee Herman as he is so bony and little. Thanks!

“Well, ‘Herman’ is actually ‘Harriet’. She has seen the vet and was examined and given meds. She may have cocidea so she will have a follow-up appointment with further tests. Andra has been using the 4p1h Village Pet Supplies Plus Kitty Room so you may see Harriet there some time in the near future. You can also contact Andra directly if you are interested: [email protected]

COMMUNITY CATS – Two More Orphans We No Longer Have to Fend for Themselves

Last two from a litter trapped last night….They were in a colony in our Board member’s place of employment, an industrial complex. They are now on to a better life. A big thank you to Ellen, mommy to their siblings and these two beauties will be joining them. 4 Paws 1 Heart is covering the medical for this litter…..please donate to So more stray, Abandoned and abused animals can have a second chance of a happy and healthy life. 4 Paws 1 Heart – Dee

VIOLA – Rescued from a Drug House Where they Would Drag Her Down the Street

9/6/21 – She was saved from a drug house where she was abused if didn’t do what they wanted — like walking on a leash. She would be seen being dragged and choking until she would walk. Viola is 9 months old. Her abuse was severe and she will need time to decompress and learn to trust humans. She will be tested for heart worm, spayed, and vaccinated when she is comfortably settled with her rescuer. One often wants to ask why humans treat animals like this with such cruelty but then you can turn on you TV or read the newspapers and figure out why. It’s those same people that have no respect for life — animal or human. Please remember the vulnerable in your prayers. – diana