VALENTINO – Rescued In Detroit and Brought to a Veterinary Clinic

Meet Valentino♡He was living outside in Detroit. A very kind woman trapped him and got him to me for fostering and medical care. Dr. Henry checked him out and he appears pretty healthy…just very scared. 4 paws 1 heart is covering his medical until he is adopted. I have a potential person interested in fostering, and if it works out she may adopt. ♡ Thank u all for your support because of you, I can help give animals like sweet Valentino a 2nd chance. Gina

PAN – Found Deaf, Blind, Matted, Filthy and Scared

1/25/22 – Pan was rescued in November. The person who contacted us had a friend who found him and contacted her. He was deaf, blind, very matted, filthy, and scared. Mckenzie, who eventually, picked him up from her friend, said she had never seen a cat so neglected. Once we agreed to take care of the medical, Mckenzie picked up Pan to work on his medical issues. His first trip to one of our best vets only included a wellness check and blood work because he was so skittish. Pan eventually was able to visit our vet who determined that Pan would also need extensive dental work. This past week, Pan had the works. He was tested, vaccinated, neutered, and had several teeth extracted. Without our supporters, the rescuers, and our vets, animals like Pan would probably live a life of pain and eventually die on the streets. I am very thankful for our Village!! –

IGGY – Rest in Peace Sweet Boy – Rescued and Found to Have a Tumor –

1/24/22 – I’m so very sorry to report that Iggy passed away on Friday. You might remember that in early January we were contacted about Iggy who appeared to be left behind by his owners. Shortly after the new homeowners moved in, Iggy showed up and walked right through the door — just like he owned the place. After a short time with the family who quickly fell in love with him, Iggy started showing signs of an illness. We were contacted and arranged for Iggy’s vet visit where the doctor suspected a cancerous tumor and prescribed some medication to help with pain. Just to give Iggy any possible chance, we arranged for a second opinion with another one of our amazing doctors and she concurred with the first diagnosis — a cancerous tumor in the abdomen area. Iggy was given a different medication to help with any pain and it was decided to give Iggy love and care rather than to chance surgery that he might not be able to withstand. This past Friday, Iggy was in a great deal of pain and couldn’t even stand. With the help and kindness of Erin and the veterinarian at Groesbeck Animal Hospital, Iggy’s rescuer was able to hold Iggy while he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Please pray for this family whose daughter also recently lost the loving dog with whom she grew up. –

FLOPS – Rescued from the Streets, Looking for His Furever Home

1/21/22 – An Update from our boy, Flops. Rescued by our Board member and Mom of Team Chance. Unfortunately, Denise was unable to find Flops’ owner but because of the support of our donors and doctors, Flops has just gotten a clean bill of health and is ready for his furever family. Here is his report and anyone interested in a guy who loves belly rubs should contact: [email protected] –

“FLOPS: Hi everybody…it’s me…Flops!Sooo, Dr. Z is home nursing a cold so I got to see the amazing Dr. Blasses today. Foster mommy has known Dr. Blasses a long time and she loves her and I do too! She said I was the best boy for all my bloodwork, vaccines, nail trim, everything! And guess what? Foster mommy was right, I’m a neutered boy! I’m 1-2yrs old, 11.5lbs. Dr. Blasses says I have beautiful perfect teeth and I’m in fantastic health! And yep, I’m fiv/felv negative! It doesn’t get any better then that, in other words…I am perfection! I do have a little bit of eeeewy 💩 which I have medicine for. So we expect that to clear up quickly and I’m ready for adoption! So if you need someone to Flop down next to you for belly rubs and love, I’m your dude! Get ahold of foster mommy if you’re my person! [email protected] Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for loving me soooo much and taking care of all my vetting today so I can be all ready for my new family and have my Second Chance at a great new life!Love ❤️ Flops”

JOSEPH – Left Behind in a Garage During Bitter Cold Temperatures

1/20/22 – This little guy was left behind in a garage. He could have frozen to death. But now he is with our friend, Patricia. Joseph went yesterday to get tested for FIV/Felv and to get vaccinated. He is about 3 1/2 months old and once we can get him neutered, he will be available for adoption. If you are interested, contact Patricia at: [email protected] –

1/18/22 – MR. KAT – Rescued from a Mobile Home Park – Upper Respiratory Infection, Sking and Bones, and Eyes Crusted Shot and Cloudy

This is Mr. Kat Williams and here is his story: “Kat was found 12/21/21 by a concerned woman living in a mobile home park. When I got him home he was skin and bones, one eye crusted shut and the other cloudy. Luckily, and with your approval, we were able to get an appointment at Anchor Bay Vet the next day–and lucky we were. Kat came in with a fever, upper respiratory infection, along with his eye issues and a damaged tail. After a day in the hospital he came home and the journey to get him better began. As of today (1/17/22) he’s about 11-13 weeks old (vet estimated) and is just under 3 pounds of pure love. He has gone out with me and people love him the instant they see him. He loves his toys, being brushed, foot rubs, and nap time with humans. He is currently on 4 medications all mainly to help preserve his eyes. It’s a miracle that something so small survived in the winter conditions. Being his foster mom has been a wonderful experience; especially watching him thrive the way he is. Without 4 Paws 1 Heart we don’t know if covering the needed medical bills would have been possible. When we go out we like to talk to people about the benefits of fostering such adorable animals and spaying/neutering the stray cat communityThis little guy was given a second chance because of people like you who care. And it is my personal mission to get him into the perfect home with people who will love him for the rest of his life.Attached are some pics of Mr. Kat, the ones with a bow tie are his most recent pictures!- Lauren”This morning, I received a text from Lauren. She woke up to find that the dead part of Kat’s tail had fallen off. She was able to get an appointment this afternoon to make sure there is no infection. Much appreciation to Anchor Bay Veterinary for fitting Kat in this afternoon and giving him the help he needs. Anyone interested in this sweetheart should contact Lauren at: [email protected] –

FLETCHER – Rescued From the Streets, FIV Positive, Upper Respiratory Infection, and Skin and Gastrointestinal Issues

Fletcher lived outside for a few years up until recently where a kind family let him inside. He is semi feral and FIV positive, but the couple is letting him go at his own pace.. 4 paws 1 heart is covering his medical while he is being provided food and shelter. We got him treated for an upper respiratory infection, vaccines, dewormer, treated his gastrointestinal issues, got him neutered, treating his current skin problem, etc..Unfortunately, Fletcher began scratching his skin raw. The doctor is not sure what the cause is because diagnostics aren’t pointing to anything specific. A hypoallergenic food is the next step to do a trial and see if it helps. This food is very expensive. $70 for a 7 lb bag.. Tomorrow I’ll be calling around to see if there are any affordable hypoallergenic foods. Not only is that price high for our non-profit, but whomever adopts him will they be able to afford this? Please keep paws crossed that we can help him.. ♡ Gina

TNR – Our Commitment to Spay/Neuter

1/17/22 – Wishing Betty White a Heavenly Birthday. She was surely met by the thousands of animals saved because of her advocacy. Her commitment to spay/neuter saved thousands more from being born on the streets with no one to care. 4 Paws 1 Heart has had a strong commitment to spaying and neutering every animal we assist. In the past 11 years we have helped over 9,000 animals and paid almost $1.2 million in medical treatment which included spay/neuter. Unlike female dogs who may not have their first heat until they are 6 months old (many breeds may not have their first heat until they are one year old), a female cat’s reproduction ability starts as early as 4 months old and can produce a litter every 3 months. This cycle will continue through most of her life unless she is spayed. Assuming that the female has an average of 5 kittens per litter, that is another 15 cats annually who will go on to either producing more kittens or impregnating females. You can easily do the math and understand why Ms. White was such an advocate of spay/neuter. We can never stop humane euthanasia in the shelters or death on the streets until we can reduce the overpopulation of our stray and abandoned animals. Having said that I also want to acknowledge the importance of low-cost clinics. Without All About Animals Rescue, Comfort’s Place, The PAWS Clinic, and the Humane Society of St. Clair (SNAP), 4 Paws 1 Heart could not have afforded to spay/neuter/vaccinate the many animals we have helped since 2010. And, without them, many responsible pet owners could not have afforded to do the same. Here are two commitments 4 Paws 1 Heart has recently made for cat communities we have been asked to help. For one project, we were asked by the manager of The PAWS Clinic in Taylor if we could sponsor the spay/neuter of a large community that they were contacted about. As the cats come in, we cover the expense. In the other recent project which is closer to Grand Rapids we were asked by a friend of 4 paws 1 Heart who does a great deal of TNR locally, if we could help in a situation where there is about 20+ cats. In all of these cases, it takes a Village (as I’ve said so often). It takes someone to identify the issue and to coordinate trappers, transporters, and sponsors, and then finding that low-cost clinic who will work on a schedule that is not always easily planned.So, in honor of the beloved Betty White, I ask our supporters to consider donating in honor of her love and support for the voiceless. Remember that 100% of your donation goes directly to the medical treatment of those who have no one else. – Bos 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080#BettyWhiteChallenge