TNR – Critical to Reducing the Overpopulation of Cats

8/13/21 – We’ve been helping an independent rescuer who has been doing her best to trap/neuter/return (TNR) a large area where there are strays. We have been helping with the medical funding and when Shelby comes across a cat who is more domesticated, she attempts to find placement. I love these 3 photos that she sent me the other day. She has been trying to get them for awhile but these felines are smart and can see and sense what is going on. There is no doubt that these 3 are giving her the stink eye. We are thankful that we can assist all of the great individuals in our communities, like Shelby, who have been working so hard to reduce the population of stray cats roaming and dying on our streets. – diana.


8/10/21 – UPDATE – You might remember that Amelia and Ariana were dropped off in a box at the door of a 4p1h friend. They are the siblings to Jasmine, who was at death’s door from parvo virus and who is now fully recovered and looking for a permanent home. Their other sibling, unfortunately, died before we could get her into the hospital. Well, as puppies do, they are getting big. Amelia and Ariana will go for their next round of vaccines in a couple weeks and once they are spayed, Ariana will be going to her new home with to be trained as a service dog for a young man with autism. Amelia will then be looking for her furever home. Here are photos of Ariana and Amelia when they were first rescued and now — lounging around. –

VIXIE, CHIEF, TODD, AND COOPER – All Sick and Found Under a Home

Meet Vixie,( first 3 photos),Chief (4th photo) and the whole litter – Vixie, Chief, Todd and Cooper. Vixie was the first, and the most ill, who was rescued from under Kirsten’s home. Her eyes were full of puss and she was the easiest to be caught by Kirsten’s friend because the poor baby couldn’t see. We arranged for Vixie to be seen by one of our partner vets and before Vixie could be seen (which was pretty quickly), the other three in the litter were caught — Chief, who was also sick from an upper respiratory but not as severed as Vixie, and then Todd and Cooper. Vixie and Cooper had to be seen again after their first visit because their eyes were still cloudy and the other two in the litter were treated for upper respiratory infections. When everyone recovers they will get their vaccines, tests, and spay/neuter. Kirsten is still trying to find and trap the mom. If she is successful, we will take care of her also. Anyone interested in these babies should contact Kirsten at: [email protected]


8/8/21 – On International Cat Day, I want to give everyone an update on sweet Romeo. I posted his story last Thursday when I asked for prayers prior to his eye removal surgery. This little guy has been through so much including long rides between his new home in Lincoln Park and Lake Orion, MI. On Friday afternoon, Dr. Zalac, our veterinary hero, performed successful surgery and on Saturday, our amazing friend, Debra Berolatti, picked up Romeo from the hospital and safely drove him to his new home. Yesterday his new mom sent me an update:”Hi! Romeo is doing so good. He ate, had his pain meds and I took his collar off while he ate and because I wanted to get a picture of his eye to show you. They did an amazing job and he has been doing great. I can’t thank you enough. You are amazing women. I’m so happy Romeo and I had the opportunity to have you in our lives. – Brittany” Again, I want to thank our village of amazing veterinary hospital staffs, fellow animal lovers, and our generous donors who make surgeries like this possible. –

CALI, COLE, AND COOKIE – Rescued from Beneath a Mobile Home; All With Upper Respiratory Infections

ROMEO – His Owners No Longer Wanted Him and His Eye Needed to be Removed

8/5/21 – Prayer Warriors Needed – This is Romeo. This little guy has been going through so much and he is now on his way to one of the best veterinary hospitals in our area – Orion Animal Hospital, Lake Orion, MI. Last Wednesday Romeo’s founder contacted me and said Romeo was in desperate need of our help. A couple of days before a cat showed up at her home; he had on a collar and a phone number. The finder called the number and the person who answered was told that they found a kitty with their number on the collar. The owner said that they got “rid of the cat” and then hung up on the finder. The kitty took off that night and 2 days later came back to the young couple’s home with the eye damage. The couple took Romeo in and brought him to an emergency hospital where they did minimum care and advised that the eye needed immediate removal but because the couple didn’t have much money nothing much was done, not even pain meds to hold him over until the couple could get help. When I saw the photo of Romeo, I immediately begged and pleaded with one of our vet partners and arrangements were made to get him in for pre-surgery yesterday and surgery today. But then yesterday, the couple, with only one car, was in a car accident and their car was totaled. Consequently, yesterday’s pre-visit was not made and today, because of a mix-up and unbeknownst to all of us, the surgery was cancelled. This, after our good friend Debra B. went from St. Clair Shores to Lincoln Park and back to Macomb County to bring Romeo for his surgery.The hospital that was to do the surgery could not schedule again until next week and there was no way this poor baby could wait. He had suffered enough and now he was still in the car after over one hour, crying, and rubbing his damaged eye. I was determined to get him into a hospital today. My next option was to beg for help from the best at Orion Animal Hospital. And I can’t thank them enough because although the doctor is not in today, she asked us to take Romeo to her hospital today where he will spend the night and she, Dr. Zalac, will fit him in tomorrow for surgery. My only other option would have been to have Debra and Romeo sit in a car for possibly hours in hopes we could get into the emergency hospital.So, please pray for Romeo that he can at least be somewhat comfortable through the night and that his surgery will be successful tomorrow. The rescuer and I are at least comforted knowing he is in a hospital setting with a wonderful, caring staff. I’ll be sure to update later. It certainly takes a village and we are blessed to have people like Debra and a few others in our circle always willing to drop everything to help. –,993People reached677Engagements

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WILLOW, AGGIE, THEO and SERENA – Rescued at 7 Weeks Old

8/4/21 – These babies, Willow, Aggie (2 photos), Theo, and Serena (2 photos) were all found at about 7 weeks old. They needed the obvious vetting (wellness checks, vaccines, tests, neuter/spay) but they were also having issues with irritated anuses and moving their bowels. They were all able to get into one of our partner vets who prescribed medication and all are doing well. They were also tested, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered when they were feeling better. 4 less kittens on the streets to add to the over population of felines. Thank YOU, Jennifer, for rescuing them and contacting us.

BELLA – Working Hard in Physical Therapy

Bella is the adorable little Tortie rescued by our friend Rebecca Leduc. Bella is rear end paralyzed and is seeing Dr. Kern at Pawsitive Steps thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart. Chance’s mom got to visit Bella yesterday and shared some tips & tricks for massage and pt exercise with Bella’s foster mom. Bella is growing like a weed and her body condition is so much better than when Rebecca first rescued her. Bella is a determined little scamp who will quickly steal your heart! And of course she has that “tortitude” that makes her want to run the show 😹 Chance’s Mom had a great time visiting Bella yesterday and by the time she left, Bella was ready for a nap! Physical therapy is a lot of hard work for humans and animals and specialty treatment of course is not cheap. But we are thankful that we have so many supporters who help us change the lives of so many orphans.