BUTTONS – Rescued from the Side of a Freeway; Limping and Malnourished

11/4/21 – Meet Buttons. On November 2 I was contacted by a very kind couple who had stopped and grabbed this puppy from the expressway near the Detroit zoo. She had fleas and an injured leg (limping). She was also very malnourished. She was scanned for a microchip but none was found and there was no other identification although based on her condition, it appeared she was purposely dumped in hopes she would die or be killed. The rescuers reported that this very sweet puppy had gray tape marks all over her body that indicate all of her legs had been tied together. She also had tape on her muzzle. She had a plastic bag tied around her neck; the rescuers think she had been in a bag. She was terrified of humans, cowered, and wouldn’t come when called. The couple thinks she is only about 5 months old. In the few days she was with her rescuers she was treated for fleas and is now acting more like a puppy. She also loves to snuggle. Buttons’ rescuers think they have found the perfect home for her with neighbors who also have a senior pitty but first her medical needs, including her injured leg, need to be addressed. And, that is where we come in. Buttons will be seen by Dr. Zalac at Orion Animal Hospital and we will go from there. 100% of all donations are spent directly on medical bills for the abandoned and abused — just like Buttons. – diana

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