11/19/21- Two weeks ago we were contacted in regards to this very deserving kitty who a couple wanted to help before another icy winter came in. Fletcher meowed his way into the hearts of this kind couple and here is what they wrote:”On a cold, blustery March morning in 2021, we noticed a gray tiger cat eating the bird bread and seed left for our neighborhood birds and squirrels. We named him Fletcher. He came to eat twice a day living in our bushes. Fletcher was a war torn, bloody and battle scared Tomcat often from fights. He was a scrappy, skinny tomcat whose ribs and back bone showed through his rough coat. He would hiss at us and only wanted food and not to come close to him when his food was put down on the ground. The first time he had catnip he rolled over belly up and bleary eyed for hours in the sun. My husband decided to build Fletcher a cat house to keep him warm, filled with old toweling. It took about six months to even get close to him while he ate. In September we spotted him sleeping on our porch chair cushion. He greets us with a soft bell-like meow and purrs. He started to give us full body rubs after that and allowed us to pet him. Fletcher has been sick with eye drainage and sneezing for a very longtime. He especially does the sneezing (Mucus +blood tinged) after eating. Now he is a a bit of a friendly pest on the porch wanting constant petting, brushing and attention. He loves treats and will take them from our fingers. He has come inside 3 times for a tour but wanted out again right away. Fletcher has put on weight and now has rounded out physique. We tried to get him veterinarian care at nearby offices, but they refuse to see feral animals. Our goal is to get him in for the winter and medical care. We are very grateful for 4 Paws-One Heart and Moore Vet Hospital’s willingness to care for him. We think he still may be younger as he doesn’t seem to know how to use the litter pan provided. Neighbors are amazed at the progress he has made adopting us….choosing to bless our house above all the other neighbors. Thanks so much for heartfelt concern for “our little guy.” -Shirley

Little Fletcher is doing well and there may is hope that some day he will choose to stay inside 24/7. My sincere thanks to all who have donated thus far. – diana.4paws1heart.org/donations/

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