NOEL – On the Street with a Prolapsed Rectum

11/29/21 – Prayers for this little one who will be having surgery for a prolapsed rectum. A friend of 4p1h had been trying for over two months to trap her as Noel wandered the streets with several inches of her rectum hanging from her body (notice in the two photos). Finally, on Friday, she was successful. In the 11 years of 4 paws 1 heart and funding treatment for prolapsed rectums, I’ve never seen anything so bad. Thank God for Kim Thompson and a friend who had been trying night and day to get Noel help and Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital who agreed to do the surgery today. Noel will also be spayed and vaccinated during the surgery. Without 4 paws 1 heart and our generous donors, animals like Noel would either end up dying on the streets or being humanely euthanized for lack of funding. –

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