QUEENIE – Her Owner Was Killed; She was Found Scheduled to be Euthanized Because She Was Heart Worm Positive

1/10/22- Queenie’s owner was killed and after his death, his friend used Queenie for breeding. A friend of Queenie’s deceased owner learned that Queenie had been brought to the Detroit Animal Control Center and started the search for her because she knew how much Queenie meant to her friend. She put out the word that she was trying to locate Queenie at the DACC. Finally, just before Christmas the rescuer was notified that Queenie had been located and had tested positive for heart worm. Queenie would have certainly been euthanized because of the cost of treatment and the lack of room at the Center. She is now safe and will be seen by one of our vets and then treated for heart worm. – diana.4paws1heart.org/donations/

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