9/8/23 – On August 10, 2023 Bandit was rescued from a colony and appeared to have only “one eye”. He was taken to our veterinary partner, Orion Animal Hospital, where his eye was removed. Yesterday the stitches were removed. Bandit now needs a home that can give him free home roam and love or Bandit will be returned to the colony. In an effort of transparency, I’m not sure we would have chosen this path had we known that Bandit would not have been kept, somehow, in a home. But now, this is where poor Bandit is. Unfortunately, many rescuers today are between a rock and a hard place — wanting to save animals but being overwhelmed because of a limited amount of availability for placement. If anyone is interested in this handsome boy, please contact Elizabeth at: [email protected]. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

As disheartening as this post is, I won’t let it stop me from helping the animals I have the honor of helping. If it weren’t for me doing what I do as an independent rescuer, Bandit would not have had really any chance of survival. As I stated in the public post I made about Bandits story yesterday on my page: I am grateful for this organization, I would NOT have been able to help Bandit without you guys.(I’ll add the link to Bandits story in a comment here as well- in hopes of finding a helpful solution to mine & Bandits situation) For more transparency, I’ll add screenshots from our conversations about Bandit through email as well. As of right now, I still have not received a response back since the last email I recieved from Diana at 8:24 yesterday morning. I’m disappointed as well, Diana. – Beth

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