12/12/23 – Another Happy Beginning which began August 19 and was finally resolved on November 18, 3 days after he had amputation surgery of one leg. Here’s how it began:

“Hello Diana,

I work in cat rescue, and about 4 weeks ago, I trapped a wounded cat (named Frank) for TNR through All About Animals. Frank had an oozing abscess on his forehead that was removed, came back positive for FIV, and they found evidence of a healed broken limb that didn’t heal well. Frank showed signs during time in the live trap that suggested he was not feral, but dumped. Plus the condition of his fur also suggested that he was struggling with life outside, and to put him back out would be tantamount to a death sentence. AAA suggested euthanasia, but I wanted to give him a chance at rescue, and for the last 4 weeks I’ve had him healing in a large crate/cage in our basement to heal. The wound, which was an open wound for a few weeks, has properly healed. During feedings we’ve had success in petting him. So he’s now ready for the rescue I’m working with to begin looking for a permanent foster to finish his socialization and healing. He’s not all the way there, and my goal was to get him stable and healed and give the rescue time to get through a horrendous kitten season before looking for that foster. I’m writing because I’m in need of further medical examination for this poor guy because of the leg which didn’t heal properly. He was the roughest looking (thus far) rescue I’ve taken on. Any assistance or suggestions you can provide will be greatly welcomed – Tom”

After a couple of months of working on getting Frank the help he needed, he had the one leg amputated and one tooth extracted on November 15. The doctor thought he may have been hit by a car which broke his leg and shattered his one tooth. After a few days of being very much in pain and not taking his antibiotics; the only thing he would eat was a Churo. Gina suggested the pill be broken up and put in the Churo and like magic — it worked. Within 3 days Frank was no longer in pain and started to heal. Today, I asked his rescuer for an update and a photo and he told me the following and added some photos:

“Hello! Frank has fully recovered. He has transformed from a scared feral into a loving cuddle bug! Loves to purr, scurries about on 3 legs, and enjoys long cuddle sessions. He’s a completely different cat! – Tom”.

It truly takes a Village – diana

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12/12/23 – ‘Tis the Season of Giving and this is the purrfect Christmas story. Meet Silverbell. The dad of the house accidentally shut this sweet little girl in the garage and he finally got her trapped the morning of December 9. He had noticed her poking around the woods behind the family’s house for about three or four months. After she was trapped and released into the home, they found out that Silver is actually very friendly and could eat solid food, drink water, and use the litter box.

Unfortunately, the family already has cats and a little tight on finances in that the dad had a work accident requiring shoulder surgery and won’t be able to go back to work until next March or April. We were contacted to see if we could help and the dad was going to try and find a home for Silverbell in that feeding another animal could be financially difficult.

Now this is where the heartwarming story starts. The family’s son, who is old enough to understand the limited family finances, offered to give up his allowance if he could make Silverbell his own. The mom said if Silverbell could be his only present “under the tree”, and if he would give up his allowance to cover her food, and IF, they could get help for the medical, the young boy could keep Silverbell. So, we all came together and will make it happen. We will cover Silverbell’s vetting and pray that she tests negative for fiv/felv and a gift of life will be given to a caring young boy. The family couldn’t thank us enough and I told the dad “Merry Christmas from the Donors of 4 Paws 1 Heart”! – diana

P.S. Silverbell will also need her left eye checked because it’s cloudy and the dad thinks Silverbell may be blind in one eye. Also, the dad has seen who appears to be Silverbell’s mom and sibling playing in the yard. He will try to trap them and we will cover their vettiing at All About Animals or the Humane Society of St. Clair. Paws Crossed.

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12/11/23 – Tiny was found late in the summer in very tough shape. Her rescuer contacted us for help in that she appeared to have a very serious upper respiratory infection. We authorized Tiny to be seen at our great partner vet at Five Mile Animal Hospital where Tiny was treated for a severe infection. After several follow up visits because the infection was difficult to treat, Tiny was able to be vaccinated, tested, and spayed. She is now living the good life. – diana

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