12/27/23 – We love hearing from those rescuers who contacted us for help. This is Meep’s story as told by his rescuer:

“Hello, I was told your organization may be able to help me by one of the shelters I had reached out to. I had a sweet orange boy with only one eye start living on my porch a couple weeks ago, but all the shelters I contacted were full… once the storm hit I didn’t have the heart to leave him outside so I brought him in and have been keeping him separated from my other cat for the time being. I will be taking him to All About Animals in Flint to get basic testing and vaccines done on Tuesday but I’m concerned there may be longer term dental issues (he has quite the snaggletooth protruding from his lower jaw) or other care that may not be in my budget at this time. He is an absolute sweetheart and as long as his testing comes back ok and introductions with my other cat go well I would be willing to consider this his forever home, I just want to make sure he is able to get whatever care he needs as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Here is a photo of the sweet boy, my son has decided to start calling him Meep -Dani”

Well, on Christmas Eve, Dani sent me the following update with photos:

“I saw you’ve been doing some end of year updates so I wanted to share one on Meep that you helped with at the very beginning of the year. After the exam, shots, and testing you helped with. I was told he was perfectly healthy, FIV/FLV negative, and the snaggle tooth I was worried had no problems so they saw no reason to do anything to it. He is now fat, happy, and regularly tries to “help” with Zoom calls when I work from home. He and my other cat Koko still aren’t the best of friends, but they have each established their own territory in the house and for the most part just stay out of each other’s way.

Happy Holidays and thank you again from our family!-Dani”

Who doesn’t love Christmas Miracles — Making a difference in the lives of many. It takes a Village! – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


12/27/23 – A huge and sincere thank you to all of our many supporters who helped us reach our goal in the $2500 Christmas Match! Human and Animal lives are forever changed because of the generosity and love of ‘everyday’ people. And, it is this spirit of giving that binds us as a society. So—In keeping with Christmas Miracles — The Story of Molly.

It was the week before Christmas of 2022 when we were contacted about Molly. Julie K. adopted her from the Romulus, MI Animal Shelter. She quickly took Molly to a vet for vaccines and an exam and that’s when she learned the terrible news — Molly had Stage 3 heart worm. Julie had no idea when she adopted Molly that the animal shelter did not do any vetting before adopting out their animals. They could not help. Through a facebook network, Julie met our friend who owns Comfort’s Place in Westland, MI. Molly went through her 30 day pre-treatment. Three days prior to contacting us, Molly had her first injection.

It had been very hard on Molly the first 3 days. She seemed to get better but then Julie found her laying in her bed after losing her bowels and consciousness. She had an embolism.

She was immediately taken to an emergency vet where she spent the night. The final bill was high but Julie had already fallen in love with Molly and was able to cover the bill but that was the money she was going to use for the remaining veterinary needs which included two more injections, then follow up x rays, and finally spay.

Our friend, Deborah, of Comfort’s Place contacting me to see if we could help. She told me Molly’s story and that she was a very special dog and that she is much loved by Julie. We agreed to help. Julie told us “I appreciate any help that can be given to help her recover and make her well. She cannot be failed by humans again. I am trying to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Molly’s story didn’t end there. Yesterday, Julie got back to me to report that Molly was having her last heart worm test next month and should be ready for her spay surgery. She has been doing great throughout her many vet appointments and treatment. Although, Molly’s journey started one year ago, we will always keep our commitments — especially when it comes to spay and neuter. Approvals have been made to finalize Molly’s medical needs which started a year ago and we are confident that she will be loved for the rest of her life. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080