12/14/23 – Last week we were contacted regarding a 5-month old puppy who had been seen wandering the streets for a couple of days near a liquor store. The store’s owner contacted the police in an attempt to find the owner. The police officer could not find any identification and an owner couldn’t be found so the officer turned the puppy over to Make A Difference for safe keeping while he remained on stray hold. Make a Difference said they had a couple of leads but nothing came of them and now the stray hold is up. We were asked to pay for Sprocket’s neuter and we were glad to help this great rescue and beautiful animal. Sprocket is looking for his furever home and if you are interested, please contact Make A Difference Rescue.

The need never ends and it now seems to be worse than it’s been in the 13+ years we’ve been in existence. We can only suggest that the state of the economy has resulted in many more animals being abandoned because of the understandably higher cost of vet care and food and when the animals are on the streets, they get hit by cars, abused, and contract many diseases. Everyone is feeling overwhelmed but we are all trying to do the best we can under the circumstances. That is why your donations are so important and why, although we still have limited funds, we want to do what we can to at least stop the reproduction, the diseases resulting from being unvaccinated, and some of the minor illnesses and injuries which cause the animal to suffer. Thank you for your help; every dollar counts. – diana

$2500 Christmas Match Has been Extended to December 25 to give our supporters more time to help us meet the match. A Blessed Hanukkah and Christmas to all of our supporters.

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