Ziggy – Update

3/5/21 – And for an uplifting update–Ziggy who I posted about yesterday is doing much better. As you know, we were concerned that Ziggy may have contracted FIP. Fortunately, we were able to get Ziggy into one of our partner vets yesterday afternoon and just before going to the doctor, his rescuer, Dawn, noticed a huge wound under his arm, hidden by his fur. Ziggy got to the doctor’s office where he confirmed that Ziggy had a severe infection from a bite would which was causing his frightening symptoms. The little guy is definitely a fighter in that, the vet tech had to muzzle him and later on, when he got home, he bit his savior through her sweater. But all is well. He is taking his meds including ear drops. Last night he was much feistier, he crawled out of his box and went into the kitchen when he heard Dawn feeding the other cats. She could tell that the wound was causing him to hurt when he walked but we now know it will get better. He ate almost all of his food and we feel strongly that Ziggy is on the mend. Here is the wound. – diana
YOUR $ SAVE LIVESziggy's bite wound
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Nala – RIP – Found Lying on the Side of the Road

3/5/21 – And so it continues. RIP Very Sweet Nala. Last night I received a call from the emergency hospital who works with us. A very kind person had found a cat earlier in the day, lying on the side of I-69 in Capac, MI. The kitty who he named, Nala, was very emaciated and was having issues with her back legs. We authorized Nala to be seen and treated and she quickly started receiving fluids. The doctor estimated her to be 5-6 years old. X-Rays were taken because it appeared she had feeling in one back leg but was having difficulty moving her legs–if at all. The doctor saw what appeared to be a foreign object which may had been causing problems with her eating but she was still unsure until more tests could be done. Because she weighed just a little over 2 lbs. it was very difficult to draw blood but later in the night I received a call from the doctor. The doctor was still unsure of whether there was something foreign in her or if she had ingested something toxic, or was just so emaciated she couldn’t move. Her white blood cell count was very high indicating an infection and there was concern over her kidney levels. We agreed to continue supportive care to see how she made it through the night. This morning the doctor called to report that trauma to the spinal cord appeared to be the issue with Nala’s legs. Her kidney levels continued to be high and the fluids didn’t seem to be helping. The doctor felt that Nala was suffering and if and when she could have surgery, the likelihood of her surviving was very low. I spoke with the rescuer and he spoke with the doctor and it was agreed by all to let Nala cross the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts break thinking about the many animals suffering on the streets in this bitter cold weather. And anyone who knows the area, Capac, which is in the Thumb, can get much nastier than in the areas around the ‘big city’. The area she was found was wide open with snow and ice still on the ground. We are grateful for the many amazing people like her rescuer, Daniel, who saved this ‘snuggler’ from suffering and dying on the streets. – diana
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Ziggy – Temperature at 107.6 Degrees and a Wound on His Paw

3/4/21 – Asking for all of our Prayer Warriors to say a prayer for Ziggy. Just after Christmas Ziggy showed up at Dawn’s house and just after 3 days, started wandering into her home. He’s probably less than a year and other than being very thin, he was healthy, eating well, etc. Then, yesterday morning he went into the home around 9 a.m., ate, got in a box, and then never came out. I received a call from Dawn last night. Ziggy’s temperature had risen to 107.6 degrees and he was listless. Dawn gave him antibiotics and fluids while we checked in with some experts. Thankfully, Ziggy made it through the night and he has an appointment to have blood work and x rays in a little while.
With everything that has been going on lately, we are concerned that Ziggy might be another victim of FIP. Here is Ziggy 1/2/21 and now. Honestly, we are getting tapped out if this is the case. My heart breaks for these stray animals who have no one but us to care. I’ll update as I get information. – diana
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Sophie and Bella – RIP – Lived Together Since Kittens, Then Their Elderly Owner Died

3/3/21 – RIP Sophie and Bella – Here is their story from their rescuer, Jem.
“Sophie and Bella lived together since they were kittens. Bella (calico) passed in August 2020, at 18, and Sophie (B+W)
passed Monday, at 17.
After their elderly owner ended up in the hospital, her family abandoned the two cats. They made it into 4Paws1Heart’s care and settled in with a foster home. Bella was adopted, but Sophie’s chronic sickness kept her from being adopted out, so she remained under 4P1H care with her loving foster. Thanks to 4P1H, Sophie was able to live the final three years of her life in peace, knowing she would never be abandoned again, and that she would be kept comfortable until it was time for her to go.- Jem”
Most recently, Sophie had a stroke and 4 paws 1 heart took care of Sophie’s medical needs which included blood work and treatment. But, at her age, I guess it was time. Our hearts are broken for their passing but thankful that both Bella and Sophie died with love and not abandonment. – diana
sophie 2:2:21 bella 3:2:21 sophie & bella 3:2:21 sophie and bella 3:2:21
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Barney – Found With a Severe Virus and Infection

3/3/21 – Barney had been roaming a trailer park for about a year and one half. He looked to be in good health when a lady, who does TNR in the park, first saw him. Every time she went in to perform TNR, (trap/neuter/return) though, Barney was ‘missing in action’. Finally, one day he showed up when she was there and the poor guy was in very bad shape. His breathing was heavy, and he had what appeared to be an infection where fur was missing on his paw. We were able to get him into one of our partner doctors who examined him and did blood work. The following day, the doctor called and said that Barney tested positive for FIP (which I have explained in other posts). The doctor advised to keep an eye on him and keep him away from other cats. Well, now we all went into panic mode to decide what to do for poor Barney; knowing FIP works fast and is deadly. We made calls with some of our experts and were ready to jump into action The rescuer, Danica, called the veterinary hospital again to get further information and the x rays. She spoke with another doctor who said that Barney had tested positive for the coronavirus which COULD turn into FIP. He reviewed the x rays and saw that there was no fluid in Barney’s lungs, so FIP was not a concern until after his antibiotics were finished.
Update: Yesterday, Danica reported that Barney was still making a little noise when breathing but he is much better than when she brought him into the hospital. He is moving around in his room; before he would just sit in one spot unless he was eating. He still has a little diarrhea but that could be from his medications. He will be going back to the doctor for a follow up.
I did address the corona virus issue and FIP in a prior posting. And, I want to make it clear that I have NO medical background. I’ve just been getting requests for assistance and arranging payments to vets, and raising money for the past 10 years. My background is purely business. But, I will say that this is the second cat at this vet where corona virus was diagnosed and potential FIP. At another hospital we work with, one cat has already died from FIP and a sibling came down with it yesterday and we are helping with treatment. At another vet, Mileena, tested positive for FIP but it turned out to be a different virus, and as I posted earlier, she is doing great and has just been scheduled for more blood work to check her liver numbers. So, I’m not sure what is happening and any medical people or rescues who have similar experiences or can add to this discussion, would be welcome you. – diana
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Puzzler – Found With Two Abscesses on His Face

3/2/21 – The story of Puzzler. Awhile back, our rescue friend, Bonnie, trapped a female who was pregnant and had been responsible for a few litters prior. Unfortunately, she was unable to trap, at the time, a 3-4 month old kitten the female had in a different litter. Bonnie felt so bad that they had to be separated but then later she saw that a male cat she had been feeding, Puzzler, had taken the untrappable kitten under his paw. They became fast friends and Bonnie continued to care for them outside. Then one day she was able to trap April, the kitten, and we took care of her medical. Shortly after, Puzzler showed up with a very swollen face. This time she was able to trap him and we were able to get him quickly into a vet. He had two abscesses on his face, one was still and open wound which was healing. Another abscess was found on his face. His fur was shaved around the wounds for proper cleaning and he was given antibiotics. He will be vaccinated and neutered once recovered. The good news is that Puzzler was reunited with “his baby buddy”, April. They are both in a foster home together. Both are very sweet and they will be looking for their furever home. The last photo is Puzzler and April taken earlier when they were still both outside. We continue to be so very thankful for the rescuers, the fosters, our vets, and our donors. – diana
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Apple (aka Oatie) – Found On an Overpass Near the Freeway

3/2/21 – First let me humbly thank our dear, long-time friend who celebrated her 50th Birthday by offering to match up to $1,000 in donations through the end of February. Because of her and the amazing generosity of our supporters, the challenge was met. These dollars are used to fund medical treatment for the many stray, abused, and abandoned animals found on the streets injured or sick. Apple (formerly known as Oatie) is one of those animals. Here is what was sent to me during the brutal month of December:
“I found the sweetest pit bull while out on my run on Sunday. She was on an overpass by the Lodge freeway. She came straight to me. She was hungry and cold, but very friendly. She licked my face and hopped right in my car when my husband came to get us. My friend, Ash, of My Sidekick Dog Training, is fostering her at her home and I’m helping her as much as I can, as I don’t have space and my pup doesn’t do well with other dogs in her space.
Ash and I named her Oatie. Ash noticed a cough today, so I brought her to the vet. She has heart worms and there are larvae in her blood. I’m starting her on Doxycycline and they’re doing a chest x ray and blood work. Ash suggested that I reach out to your organization to ask if you can help with the heart worm injections that will be coming. She’s such a good girl; I have to have her treated. I can’t leave her to deal with this. But today’s bill was already so expensive and it was only the first round of treatment. She’s going to make someone such a wonderful best friend. Ash and I will make sure she’s cared for and find her a good home. If there’s any way 4 Paws 1 Heart can help it would truly be a bright light in this crazy year. Thank you for your time and consideration. I truly appreciate what you and your group do. – Megan”
Fortunately, we were able to say YES and Apple started her treatment at Comfort’s Place on January 5. AND, the even better news is that she has found her forever home with a loving mom who also happens to be a nurse. Of course, we have a commitment to this very sweet girl and will complete her medical treatment until she is fully recovered and has been able to be spayed and vaccinated. – dianaApple 3:2:21 apple 3:2:21- apple 3:2:21==
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Mileena – Updatae

2/28/21 – Mileena Update!! Remember Mileena. She is the Bengal cat who was very sick and diagnosed with what the doctor thought was FIP (feline infectious peritonitis).
According to the Pet Health Network, FIP is a progressive and often fatal disease that is caused by a coronavirus. In most cases, the virus causes mild, treatable symptoms in cats but in rare cases the coronavirus may mutate to a more virulent form which is able to weaken the cat’s immune system and spread throughout the body by way of the white blood cells, often resulting in death. Kittens and cats under the age of 3 are at greatest risk for FIP. Not all cats exposed to FIP will develop the disease but it can be spread through a cats feces. Once developed though it can stay active for a long period of time, until surfaces are thoroughly disinfected. There are two forms of FIP. An acute form, often referred to as ‘wet’ and a chronic form known as dry. The ‘wet’ form comes on suddenly and its most common sign is a buildup of fluid in the abdomen and chest cavity causing difficulty in breathing, and, in some cases, a swollen abdomen. With the ‘dry’ form there is no fluid buildup; instead, lesions develop on the organs, often resulting in neurological symptoms such as seizures or paralysis. Liver and kidney problems may also occur. Most often there will be weight loss and depression. A cat showing these symptoms should always be seen by a veterinarian who can examine and perform some tests. At this time there is no known cure for FIP.
Mileena was to start on a trial drug but with antibiotics and home care she started to get better. And, today, I want to report that she is doing great. She has continued to see our veterinarian for blood work and will once again be going in again to have her kidney functions checked. It is absolutely certain that she had the virus but may have been lucky enough that it didn’t mutate to the deadly level.
I received an update on Mileena yesterday who will be adopted by the wonderful family who took her in when she was so very sick. Once Mileena gets the go-ahead to get spayed and vaccinated, she will be all theirs. Here is Mileena with her new BFF, Garpy and how she looked when she first came into our lives. I hope this update makes you smile as much as it made me smile. – diana
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Ivy – Rescued Near a Motel; Possibly Left Behind by a ‘Guest’

2/28/21 – Last day of the shortest month of the year and the kitties keep coming! And, now, unfortunately, it appears that “kitten season” has started early. What more can happen in this very insane year.
This beauty, Ivy, was just rescued near a motel where a friend of 4p1h has found others. There is a small wooded area behind the motel and it appears that people who may be staying at the motel are leaving their cats behind or people are dropping them off in the woods. This baby is very pregnant and will be seeing one of our partner doctors for a wellness check. Thankfully she was rescued by Christina H. who has made sure that Ivy does not have her babies in the cold snow and rain. – diana
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Sadie – Rescued During a Snow Storm; Her Mom Killed by a Coyote

2/27/21 – Sadie was rescued during a snow storm. The finder says there were other siblings (although they were never found) and she thought that the mother was attacked by a dog, although now it appears a coyote may have killed her because a coyote had been hanging around the property. Our friend, Karen, and independent rescuer contacted us for help and we took care of Sadie’s spay, vaccines, and testing. – dianasadie w:karen cartier 12:26:20 sadie w:karen cartier

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