Ryker is on the mend update!

After being attacked about 2 weeks ago by two large dog’s, Ryker was laying on the grass lifeless and helpless.. The homeowner didn’t know what to do because this was a stray that wound up on his property. He couldn’t watch Ryker die there, so he called for help and “4 paws 1 heart” stepped in to give Ryker a second chance, but he needed major emergency surgery asap to put his organs back where they were supposed to be. Then he needed another surgery because his back leg was broken in half. Due to the infection we had to amputate. Today he is doing wonderful and healing day by day…
Ryker has a lot of stitches and staples but he is alive, and he will make a very loving member of the family for someone out there… It’s taking him a little adjusting to the three legs, but his name means “Strength” and he is living up to it. We all love him and are looking forward to finding him a forever home

Forever Home needed for Sweet Jane – Can you open your heart & home?

You may remember Jane?? It was Jane’s very sad story that was the catalyst for our friendship with Mutts of Motown and I think the first time we helped them with medical bills. Although 4p1h has many of our own medical bills right now, we will always help our rescue partners who help us in placing animals for whom we provide medical treatment. Jane has a special place in my heart. And, although she doesn’t require the medical help we just provided for the dogs rescues by Mutts of Motown, I wanted to take this opportunity to once again share her story. Please share and let’s find this very sweet girl her forever home. Here’s her story. ~ diana

“Jane has been in rescue a year and a half. She was stray and living with a pack inside an empty house in Detroit. A well meaning neighbor was feeding them all. One day the entire pack turned on her and attacked her. We were called and when we arrived poor Jane was bleeding out indide the house. The snow outside was blood red and she was transported to safety. She was treated for her hundreds of puncture wounds and it was discovered she had heartworm too. We saw her through all of it with the help of our vet and our supporters. She’s one of our best behaved dogs. She’s understandably nervous around other dogs. She must be the only dog, she has a fenced yard requirement, and older kids are fine. She walks great on leash and is perfectly housetrained. Please inquire about Jane by calling (586)690-2808

Case #2 – Ryker

Sweet Ryker


Our other serious case: This little sweetheart, named Ryker – which means Strength, was also brought in by a good Samaritan. He was attacked by two German Shepherds. He underwent two hours of surgery with Dr. Rivera due to severe wounds to his body; his intestines and bladder were actually on the outside of his abdominal wall and needed emergency surgery that night. Gina has volunteered her time to assist Dr. Pillsbury of Harper Woods Veterinary/Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center with his surgery for a broken femur which is broken in half — possibly Tuesday, May 13. It is a clean break so we are all praying that a pin can be inserted versus amputation. We will keep everyone updated. ~ diana