Forever Home needed for Sweet Jane – Can you open your heart & home?

You may remember Jane?? It was Jane’s very sad story that was the catalyst for our friendship with Mutts of Motown and I think the first time we helped them with medical bills. Although 4p1h has many of our own medical bills right now, we will always help our rescue partners who help us in placing animals for whom we provide medical treatment. Jane has a special place in my heart. And, although she doesn’t require the medical help we just provided for the dogs rescues by Mutts of Motown, I wanted to take this opportunity to once again share her story. Please share and let’s find this very sweet girl her forever home. Here’s her story. ~ diana

“Jane has been in rescue a year and a half. She was stray and living with a pack inside an empty house in Detroit. A well meaning neighbor was feeding them all. One day the entire pack turned on her and attacked her. We were called and when we arrived poor Jane was bleeding out indide the house. The snow outside was blood red and she was transported to safety. She was treated for her hundreds of puncture wounds and it was discovered she had heartworm too. We saw her through all of it with the help of our vet and our supporters. She’s one of our best behaved dogs. She’s understandably nervous around other dogs. She must be the only dog, she has a fenced yard requirement, and older kids are fine. She walks great on leash and is perfectly housetrained. Please inquire about Jane by calling (586)690-2808

Dewey in his New Home

11/30/13 – Here is Dewey in his new home. I miss him something terrible! He will be so loved and spoiled:) Thank You to everyone who prayed for him, donated dollars for his surgery, and were interested in taking him into your home. As all of you know there were many days when I thought he wouldn’t make it. I love this little fighter and very happy that his new owners will soon be living near all of us and will keep us updated. ~ gina

Calvin Is now Adopted!

9/22/13 – Update on Calvin; our little kitten that was found with his brother in a car motor.. Thank you to the wonderful family who opened their hearts and home:) ~ Gina This is Calvin..we adopted him from Moore Veterinary today. They told me he was rescued by your group after being found with his brother under a car motor in Detroit. I’m sorry we couldn’t take his brother also. But wanted to thank you for saving them. Calvin is very sweet and cuddly.

Forever Home Needed

Fluffernutter has found herself a forever, loving home.

Graceland, a handsome sweet male, is still looking. Please share and contact his foster mom, Joanne Marie Hoopes of you would like to love this little guy forever. ~ diana
Please share and help these sweet babies find their forever home. Thanks ~ diana

Ruby Got Adopted

Foster mom to Ruby (Joanne) in the middle, and now proud parents on the ends..  Huge thanks to Joanne for your love and commitment to many  of our 4 paws 1 heart animals. Joanne is also the one that rescued Snickers and brought him to us for emergency medical care.  She is GREAT!!! ~ Gina

Feed, Rescue, Foster, Adopt

As we begin 2013 I would like all of our friends to consider the plight of our felines. For some reason when a puppy mill is raided, everyone comes to the rescue. Every qualified dog gets a home and treatment. BUT when a cat hoarder is discovered, no one seems to care. There are no news stories and hundreds of people looking to help and donate their time and money. Why is that??? For some reason people seem to think it’s ok for cats to be on the streets but not dogs. Because they are small and of little threat to humans, people seem to ignore the problem of homeless cats. Did you know that the kill rate for cats in most shelters is around 90% while the kill rate for dogs is around 60%. Why is that?? Cats are loving and beautiful and require very little. A warm bed, a bowl of food and water, and a litter box. I ask all of you to please make a difference in the life of a cat, they also need you. ~ diana
Some would say she’s a crazy cat lady!… we’d say she is a kind soul…it’s just a matter of love ♥