5 Week Old Rottie Puppies

4 Paws 1 Heart will send a check to assist Dog Aide 2012 with the medical bills for their latest rescue. We’re also a big fan of Detroit Police Officer Lori Briggs who has referred cases to us before and, again, we are happy to support her work. Officer Briggs is not one to walk away when she sees cruelty or a need. ~ diana

Dog Aide was contacted by Detroit Police Officer Lori Briggs, Five 2 week old puppies alone in a field, previous owners had put rubber bands around their tails in an attempt to dock their tails, they are now covered in wounds and maggots. Dog Aide Members Mel B., Mel S. and Jen rushed to get these little guys and they are on their way to the vet now. This case is being fully documented to pursue cruelty charges. If you are able please help with a donation towards saving these precious little ones that have been out in this heat fending for themselves.

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3 comments on “5 Week Old Rottie Puppies

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you have a telephone number or email address for Lori Briggs? I have an injured Korean Jindo (mouth tumor in lower jaw) I was hand feeding on the front porch of my house at 4888 Tarnow Street this morning. I fed him his dog food and a cookie and then he wandered between the houses to the cement slab behind my house where he was apparently taken by someone driving or walking through the alley, or possibly by a neighbor who may may have been responsible for his original injury. If you would be able to send me Lori’s telephone number, I would be most grateful. Thanks.

    Scott Burchill

  2. I got back from the library and Rufus was laying near the front steps but if you have Lori Brigg’s contact information for future reference. I’d be most appreciative. Thanks.

    Scott Burchill

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