Mission Statement

ATTENTION: Dear friends and fellow animal advocates. I just want to once again clarify the mission of 4 Paws 1 Heart. We fund medical treatment for abandoned, stray, and abused companion animals. We are not a Rescue and do not have any of the resources required to be a rescue. We are a 501c3, federally recognized non-profit. There are times when we find ourselves in the position where we must care for an animal but it is always based on Gina’s abilities. But, even when Gina finds herself in the position of caring for an animal, when it is time for a forever home, we will always look for a rescue group to take in the animal for the next step of the journey. We rely totally on donations and fundraisers because we never charge fees to cover our costs. Our costs are our mission and is why we seek donations. I just wanted to clarify our position although it is on our page and website so that our friends will not get disappointed when we can’t provide help in placing animals. Thank You for your understanding and help. ~ diana