R.I.P. Phoebe

It is with a very heavy heart that we report that our dear friend, Jacqueline Krausmann, has lost her beloved friend, Phoebe, due to juvenile kidney failure. Phoebe’s kidney’s were malformed at birth and very small. Jacqueline was such a¬†wonderful loving mom to Phoebe showing nothing but love, compassion, and dedication to her baby girl every single day. When Phoebe was born doctors gave her a matter of days to survive, but because of Jacqueline, she never suffered one day and she made it almost 2 years receiving nothing but love. 4 Paws 1 Heart, will always remember this beautiful soul who had become a playmate, friend, and companion for Stella (Nugget) our Pom/Yorkie mix adopted by Jacqueline not too long ago. Stella was another true “miracle” who defeated all the odds that were against her. Stella and Phoebe were a pair, a team, and I think they kept each other strong, living every day to the fullest, having fun and a building a very real bond . In honor of Phoebe, her family has made a very generous donation to 4P1H. Phoebe’s legacy will live on in the animals who will be given a second chance because of the generosity of the Krausmann family. Our hearts go out to all who loved and cared for this sweetheart. Phoebe, you will never be forgotten. ~ Gina