Happy Easter From Fiona

Allow me to use this sweet photo of our little Fiona to wish all of our friends a very Happy and Blessed Easter. 4 Paws 1 Heart has been truly blessed by all of the support we’ve been given by friends and family and we are so very thankful for all we’ve been able to accomplish because of you. ~ diana
Happy Easter, 2013 !!! Fiona ❤

R.I.P. Ruby Faith

3/29/13 Our friend, Dinah’s eulogy to a very special girl:

Gina and Diana – It is with unfathomable sorrow that I tell you of Ruby’s passing. We adopted her, as you know, on July 4, 2011, and have enjoyed every moment of our decision to bless this sweet old girl for almost 2 years. Her mammary glands had multiple tumors, if you recall, and the one closest to her tail got enormous and heavy and hot, and much worse of late. The harder one near her ribs was growing. She had just developed another, different kind of tumor near her butt. Not good. Still, the vet said she was acting great, no signs of discomfort or pain, so just keep her comfy and let her be home with us, Henry, Theo and Vinnie, and now my sister’s little Sadie. They all got along famously. They kept Ruby spry, as she took several shorter walks each day with her posse here, and loved her warm, clean bed and warmed blankets for naps. Once Ruby started adjusting her body around the large tumor, she seemed less able to accommodate herself with comfort, and I knew I must do the unthinkable.Thank God, we say, that loving them and them loving us overshadows the inevitable ending task. We had Ruby’s wonderful, crotchety old farm vet come to the house and put her down with us here. She was wrapped in her fresh, warm blankets with her stuffed “babies” and went peacefully and quickly, all the while hearing me singing her little song she liked, called, “Ruby is My Baby, and That’s the Way It Is.” She never had to get in the car, terrified, and pee and throw up until we reached our destination. She was home, with us, where she belonged. Just know that, although it took over a month for her to lift her head or her ears without fear, she did feel what it was like to be loved, tended to, bathed and blown dry (she adored being blown dry), and cuddled up with the other members of our furry crew, and us. Ruby loved the fresh air, her walks with Henry and Sadie, and her many massages. She gave us pure joy and appreciation of the simplest things we take for granted, yet which bring us the most human peace. And that, of course, is love and attention without one thought of fear.There is an Indian legend which says that we will be greeted at Heaven’s gate by all the animals we’ve come in contact with on this earth, in this life, and, based on how we’ve tended them it will be determined whether or not we can enter.

We rescued Ruby…and she rescued us right back. Rest in peace, little girl.

Ruby Faith…until we meet again.


Hercules and Pawsitive Steps Ribbon Cutting Ceremoney

Wow, was today an exciting day! We had a BIG event at the office today and lots of people came over just to see me! Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets had a ribbon cutting ceremony and I got lots of attention and treats! The City of Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett even came to meet me! I got to show everyone how the land treadmill and underwater treadmill work – they were all very impressed. It was so much fun – everyone wanted to pet me and give me goodies.

I wish that my whole fan club could have made it today, but we will have another big event next month – it’s called an open house, but it is just for humans (except I get to be there as usual). The open house will be held on Saturday, April 13th from 10am to 1pm at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets (1894 Star Batt Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48309). I would love to see you all there!

Pawsitively yours,
Hercules (and Dr. K)

Dr. Tari Kern
Certified Veterinary Medical Acupuncturist
Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner

Helping Vayda

I saw Vayda’s story and no matter what our current bank balance is, we had to help. Consequently, some medical dollars were sent to help this sweet girl in her recovery. Here is her story. Thank You Home Fur-Ever for getting those miserable owners to release this abused girl. ~ diana

Vayda -This sick emaciated mama was surrendered to our friends at Home Fur-Ever Rescue on Tuesday after one of their volunteers responded to a Craiglist post. She is emaciated, has white gums and is lethargic. One of her 3 month old puppies was also surrendered as well. She appears to have had two recent litters where most of the puppies were already sold and taken away from the Vayda much sooner than they should have been. Vayda was taken to the hospital and was found to have an ear-infection, high white cell count, and is 25 lbs under-weight. Vayda is now in a wonderful foster home where she is getting a lot of love and attention. Check out her progress on the Home Fur-Ever fb page.

4/4/13  Vayda continues to get stronger now that she has love and attention. ~ diana

Bubba Needs Your Prayers

Bubba was rescued from the middle of I-75. Found to be heart-worm positive, now he is suffering from a reaction to the treatment. Please keep him in your prayers and as an added precaution, 4 Paws 1 Heart has sent some medical dollars to help in Bubba’s recovery. ~ diana
Bubba Update ~ We got a call from the Emergency Vet with an update on Bubba, he continues to vomit, they are starting him on I.V. Fluids, he has gotten a steroid injection, blood work is being done, and x-rays of his abdomen to look for any possible issues in his stomach. His body temperature is low, gums are pale white, and breathing is shallow. Bubba recently went through Heartworm Treatment, this appears to be a reaction from the treatment. Please say a prayer for him.

Francine Left Behind

March 28, 2013 – Francine is being fostered by A Scooter’s ResQ to help her find her furever home.

Francine was brought into emergency to be euthanized. The owner didn’t want her anymore because she hid in the house and wasn’t a sociable cat. He claimed she was “not touchable”. After hearing his story things didn’t add up so we let her out of the trap to see how she would act. She let us pet her, trim her nails, pick her up, and brush her. Frances was left behind after a divorce two years ago. She is 9 years old, long haired, beautiful female, fixed, and on the shy side. Not enough reason to euthanize her! We offered the owner to surrender Frances to “4 Paws 1 Heart” and he was glad to. She is in good hands and she will find a forever home with someone who can give her the love and affection she so desperately needs.

Babies to A Scooter’s ResQ

All of our babies have gone to A Scooter’s ResQ to eventually find their forever home. It will be a little while yet before they are ready for adoption but anyone interested should submit an application with ASRQ and identify them a “Gina’s Kittens”. I will make sure that anyone who gave Gina or I contact information goes to ASRQ but don’t hesitate to get pre-approval for when they’re ready. I also want to thank our friends at Tigerlily Cat Rescue for offering to help us. ~ diana

Piper’s Story from Divine Canine Rescue

3/26/13 We were happy to help a new rescue referred to us by our friends from Dog Aide-2012. Here is Piper’s story ~ diana

Piper came to us (Divine Canine Rescue) from a local rescue friend (Jamie from Dog Aide) who had been tracking and trying to catch Piper for days in Rouge Park. Finally, after several days of trying and failing, she was caught. The foster for Piper fell through so Jamie put a shout out on FB for a rescue to step up and help Piper. I ran across the post, hesitant because my rescue wasn’t really ready to launch until late Spring, I offered to take Piper in. 
I saw potential in Piper in her pictures on the screen and decided that Divine Canine Rescue was just going to have to start in March instead of May. 

Since Piper has been with DCR we have really scrambled to get her exposure through online networking and have since taken in several dogs. But Piper will always be our FIRST Divine Canine! Thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart stepping up to fund her vet care we were able to make this happen. We had ZERO funding. Without you (4P1H), Piper would have had nowhere to go, and DCR would have not saved the other lives that it has today. For that I thank you! And so does sassy Miss Piper! ~ Divine Canine Rescue
Thank you!!!

Charlie, Parvo Positive and Fighting for his Life

He is Parvo Positive, hospitalized, and trying to fight for his life. Charlie is a 16#, black and white, Husky Shepherd Mix (per previous owner), 13 weeks old. 4 paws 1 heart is paying all medical bills for Charlie to get better and then a rescue is lined up to take him for fostering and permanent placement. Charlie is one of the countless puppies this year who will be fighting for his life from this Virus. Please have your pet vaccinated! The calls are swarming into the clinics DESCRIBING PARVO SYMPTOMS IN PUPPIES ALREADY! Without treatment your pet will die and Parvo is expensive to treat. I hate this time of year because we see so many puppies sick:(
~ gina