Please share. This is our April who was rescued and then found to have Parvo. She made it through that and now needs her forever home. Look at this sweetheart!!! Please contact our good friends at A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue if you’ve just fallen in love. ~ diana
April…. In a nutshell! Lol this girl takes napping to a whole new level!! April is looking for her fur-ever family! We cannot believe that no one has claimed this kid yet?! Please share to help her find her people! If you’re interested in April, please email [email protected]


Again, thanks to all of our supporters and those who attended the “Disco in the D” and the phenomenal generosity of Colleen’s Irish Pub, 4 Paws 1 Heart is able to help little Niles who was rescued by our good friends at Loveabull Paws Rescue. He is still in the hospital but is holding his own (although he could use your prayers and positive energy). Here is his story: ~ diana

“Niles is a five week old male St. Bernard/Blue Heeler mix orphan pup. We got his litter of eight from the shelter at a week old and have bottle fed them. Niles is the runt of the litter but has been a fighter. He only weighs 1.7 pounds and in the past few days his health has been declining. He went to the vet today and is severely anemic due to such a bad infestation of tape worms and round worms. His body temperature is low and he is dehydrated. They are keeping him for a few days, stabilizing, doing blood transfusions, deworming, and IV fluids. “

Angel and Nino

4/27/13 Here are the photos that I promised of our Angel and our little Nino (or Nina) who at 2 and 1/2 weeks old was found by a good Samaritan without a mom or siblings. He has a respiratory infection like so many of the kittens found on the streets but we know he is in good hands and paws. Angel couldn’t wait to take care of another baby. ~ diana


4/21/13 I have to say that I didn’t grow up with any pets. And, over the last 34 years I’ve only had cats. But, family members have dogs and I love them dearly. Then Hercules came into our lives and I can’t tell you what a joy that was. Hercules was so broken when he first came to us from Matt Virgadamo who was the ACO in Eastpointe at the time. Gina took him in to foster and was there for the trial against Herc’s owner. Unfortunately the pos only got a year probation but Hercules got a chance at a new life. We’ve learned a lot since then. Gina took him everywhere to socialize him amongst good human beings. I’ll never forget the day last year when we took him to the Paul Mitchell beauty school. On our way home he just collapsed in the back seat after a very tiring day of belly rubs. Hercules is a special being who stills gets so excited when he hears Gina’s voice. I thought that I would throw a few photos of him together. Here he is shortly after he was brought to us; then the photo of him falling asleep in the car; a photo of him at Derek and Penny’s with their little one; and finally a photo taken of him by my friend, Joe Fabian. And, as always, we are very thankful for Lori Jobak of 4Paws Health & Wellness who worked with our Herc for 9 months providing hydro-therapy and getting helping Herc to once again be able to walk and to Dr. Tari Kern and her husband, Chris, who miraculously came to us and adopted this very special boy. ~ diana

Kittens Gina is Helping

4/22/13 These are the two kittens that I’ve been advising a lady on how to raise them… She is doing a great job so far! The lady rescued the kittens from outside and called for help with medical care because one of the kittens had an infected eye. We provided treatment along with the other basics needed to give them both a good start. ~ gina