What a Night – Thank You !

WHAT A NIGHT!! The “Disco in the D” was a fabulous success and I cannot thank all of our friends enough for all of their support. One Hundred and Seventy Seven (177) people came out for the abandoned, stray, and abused. Hercules was even there for a short while on his way back from hosting an open house. And, a very new friend, Mary, gave back to 4 Paws 1 Heart the $510 she won in the 50/50 raffle!!! Again, I want to thank my wonderful husband for all of his work and support, Gina – our very own Animal Angel (and her partner in crime, Dave), our great Board of Directors, all of our friends and families who continue to support our fundraisers, and our new friends, at Colleen’s Irish Pub, who are phenomenal party hosts. May God Bless All Of You. The lives of many animals will be forever changed because of YOU! ~ Diana

Feral Mom & Five Kittens

4/15/13 Update on Feral Mama: Update on mommy and kittens. They are all doing well and the mom is starting to let me get closer. As the kittens get bigger they may come to me giving the mom more security that she is safe and so are the babies. All five are snuggled in with their mommy in this picture..~ Gina

4/16/13  Feral mom showing baby how to eat:) The mom is still very protective and terrified, but one day at a time… All 5 babies are healthy and doing great. They are starting to show interest in me more and more. I can not touch the mom and I’m very careful getting near the kittens, but if that’s what it takes to gain her trust then so be it:) Gina