Tyler Update

5/15/13 – Tyler Update< Tonight Tyler was doing well recovering from the major surgery that took place this early afternoon. His femur was amputated due to the extent of his injuries, but Tyler is a strong boy who has the will to move forward. We all realize that accidents happen but too many preventable injuries are costing the life if not permanent damage long term for the pet. Please.. Neuter your pet so that they are less likely to run off or supervise when not home by putting them in a safe environment. ~ gina

Scruffy Going to NBS

May 15, 2013  –  Our little Scruffy will be going to our NBS friends for the final round of his journey — finding his forever, loving home. I know we will continue to get updates and anyone interested in adopting him or any of the other sweet animals needing a loving home, should submit an application with NBS Animal Rescue.