Animal Warriors

ANIMAL WARRIORS – We have been receiving many requests from individual rescuers who are now seeing cats and kittens show up on their porches needing help. Our 4P1H friend, Susan, contacted us about this little guy. Here’s her message:

“A male cat, un-neutered, has been hanging out at a friend’s house since August. He’s getting fed and has shelter. But now he is hurt, holding up a front leg. He broke my heart when I saw him earlier. He is not feral, and came up to me, I’ll send you a pic. I have an older, crabby male cat, so I cannot keep him. My friend has a male cat and cannot afford to take care of this hurt boy. Can you help this baby out?” – Susan

This sweet boy was brought into the Emergency, was x-rayed, tested and neutered. His leg had no breaks or sprains but his paw had some superficial burns on it which may have caused the limp. It also turned out that he tested positive for FIV which is not a death sentence but will require some special needs. For this reason, he was not vaccinated at this time. Susan and her family will work to find this handsome feline a forever home. ~ diana