Precious Piglet Needs A Rescue Group

Precious Piglet needs a rescue group to take her in.
You may remember the puppies from last weekend that were being sold to make money? Well, after losing two of her siblings this little puppy survived and she will need a rescue soon. If you can help please email me ([email protected]m) or Diana ([email protected]om. A huge Thank You to Amanda Morris for working around the clock and bottle feeding our little Piglet. Most people don’t realize how much work it is. Gina

Dewey with Co-Worker Nicole

Here is our Dewey with co-worker Nicole. As you can see he loves to be held and loved. His condition has not gotten worse, but Dewey might have some permanent/lingering damage do to his congenital issues. He is a little unsteady on his feet and still healing. We don’t know what to expect long term but he is an amazing little fella with a lot of love to give. I have narrowed the potential homes down to one very fitting family for Dewey based on his needs. They have no other pets and they can focus on him only for now. After all that he has been through we have paws crossed that the worst is over and he will hopefully live a long happy life with no more surprises! We’ll keep everyone informed. ~ gina

Tito Suffered Minor Burns

Tito suffered minor burns after the deadly house fire he was in last weekend. It is still unknown if Tito has any remaining family left, and I am waiting to hear from the fire chief. There is a strong possibility that Tito might need a new home is he is on his own, and we will be here to do whatever is necessary to help him find love, support, and safety. My heart just breaks for him not knowing what to expect:( ~ gina