New Years Eve

12/30/13 Before the hubbub of New Year’s Eve, we wanted to again thank all of our supporters who have helped us make a difference in so many lives. We also want to remind everyone that 4 Paws 1 Heart is a 501c3 charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible. So, as we enter a new year of saving the abandoned and abused, we would just like to share with all of our friends a sentiment sent to us by our friend, Dinah Brinson, mom of our dearly departed, Ruby Faith. Dinah captured in words what is in our hearts. May 2014 be filled with many more lives saved because of the work we will do together! ~ diana

“May we realize that all we need we already have. May we cherish the friends and loved ones placed so reverently within our paths to love, appreciate, respect, and find humor and good grace with. May we stand up when there is a call to courage and be the voices for those who cannot save themselves. May we give thanks for our kind hearts, our good health, our sense of humor, our many gifts and the love we share. It is this blessing that I send you as we wrap up another year and begin anew. They sure seem to go faster and faster. Good tidings, our sweet friend, Diana. We are rich in many things. Of course, that’s what Mom used to tell us when what she really meant was, “You aren’t getting that new bike you wanted!” So we redefine what rich means, knowing that the true and lasting riches are those of the heart. God bless you and your family. Spend some well-deserved time refueling your generous spirit.” ~ Dinah Brinson

Breezy Update

12/29/13 – BREEZY Update! Remember our Breezy? He was one of two kittens rescued at 2 weeks old. We named them after Sabrina, a young woman taken from this world too soon, whose nicknames were ‘Sabs” and “Breezy”. Unfortunately, Sabs didn’t survive but look at our Breezy today. ~ diana

Remember Our Tito

12/28/13 – Remember our Tito. He is still with Gina while she continues to help him get over the loss of his owner to a house fire and while he continues to heal from burn wounds. Here is Tito with Gina’s baby, Angel. Soon he will be going to a rescue who will help find him his forever home. ~ diana

Popper Needs a Home!

12/27/13: POPPER NEEDS A HOME! This is Popper. He was rescued by our favorite Warren Animal Control Officer, Lisa, and is now being fostered by a friend of hers. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for all vetting, vaccines,deworming, and neutering.

He is about 6 months old, and very healthy. He is high energy, super sweet and would benefit in a home that has a playmate. He hasn’t a mean bone in his body and if anyone is interested they can contact diana@[email protected]m and Diana will have Lisa contact you. The foster was calling him “Mo Mo”, but I called him Popper:) He would make a great family cat for just about anyone. ~ gina

Extensive Report on Soup

12/27/13: SOUP – Here’s a more extensive report on Soup’s condition: Soup was sedated in order to cut the can away and we noticed his tail had punctures. Upon later reviewing the Radiographs we discovered that his pelvis is broken, but it is uncertain how many areas and exactly where. He also has a dislocated femur. Now, I’ve been told different things about prognosis. This cat is literally the sweetest cat I have ever seen. He is eating, drinking, urinating, having bowl movement, etc. He can rotate from one side to the other and he rolls over on his back to have his belly rubbed. The bruising is horrendous and we suspect that he was attacked by another animal when his head was stuck and he couldn’t defend himself. We neutered him when he was sedated to remove the can (this was before we even knew about the pelvis injury) because we didn’t know about the other injuries until he was recovered and not able to walk. He was tested negative for feluk/fiv, his bloodwork full panel was normal, he was treated for roundworms, and treated for fleas. ~ Gina

Within the next day or two, Soup will be taken to OVRS to see an orthopedic specialist. Our main concern is that whatever we do, we do not want Soup to be in unnecessary pain and we want him to have a good quality of life where he can have a forever loving home. We will keep our supporters and friends updated. ~ diana


12/26/1 – SOUP: A woman called the Emergency and said she had found a cat in her yard whose head was stuck in a soup can. Fortunately, Gina was on duty and the woman was told to bring him in. Once he was brought in, the head was freed from the can, he received medication for puncture wounds, and he was neutered. After being treated for external wounds, it was determined that his pelvis was broken in three places. He was also badly bruised and It appeared that while he was defenseless, because of being stuck in the soup can, he may have been hit by a car or had been attacked by another animal. His personality is super sweet and lovable and we are determined to find him a loving, forever home.

Soup will need a home which can provide him a crate where he can maintain little movement while his pelvis heals. He will need two months of TLC but, to the right parents, it will be worth it. Let Gina know if you think you can help our little guy—he’s been through a lot. [email protected]..

Dig Dug

12/24/413: Remember this guy? Dig Dug — He was one of the lucky dogs. After hours of trying to catch him as he ran loose near a highway, the police officers used a taser to stop him. The police officers worked with citizens and actually had one in the car while they were trying to capture him. 4 Paws 1 Heart was contacted to pay the medical and here’s our baby, Dig, today. Tell me he doesn’t make a handsome reindog. Thank You, Momma Amber, for sharing. ~ diana

Wonderful Christmas News

Wonderful Christmas News – Our SPOOKY has been adopted! He is the lone furchild in a loving home with a mom and dad. Thank You Joanne Hoopes for taking such good care of our little guy and helping him find his forever family. ~ diana