Calvin Is now Adopted!

9/22/13 –¬†Update on Calvin; our little kitten that was found with his brother in a car motor.. Thank you to the wonderful family who opened their hearts and home:) ~ Gina This is Calvin..we adopted him from Moore Veterinary today. They told me he was rescued by your group after being found with his brother under a car motor in Detroit. I’m sorry we couldn’t take his brother also. But wanted to thank you for saving them. Calvin is very sweet and cuddly.

Happy Birthday Buddy

9/10/13 – We always love to hear updates about the animals who have been helped by 4 Paws 1 Heart. James has continued to be a friend and after hearing too often about abandonment and abuse, it warms the heart to know there are so many good people in this world who truly love their pets. Here’s James’ timeline posting. ~ diana

“A year ago today a stray dog running the streets changed my life! He was skinny, scared and had severe anxiety! With the help of Gina DeLuca and 4 Paws 1 heart. Buddy is now king of my couch and doing awesome!! It’s truly amazing how everything in life happens for a reason! Happy Birthday Buddy!” ~ James Coleman

Stella’s Happy Ending Update

HAPPY ENDING UPDATE: Last week we reported on a sweet girl who was rescued by a caring Detroit Police Officer. The Officer contacted Gina and 4 Paws 1 Heart took her in, paid for her vetting and then put out a call for help. Fortunately, Kathryn, a face book friend contacted us and matched the little orphan with her friend, Lizzy. Our little girl, now named Stella, has a fur brother and a beautiful, loving forever home. ~ diana

Moe’s Happy Tail Story

It’s letters like these and the happy stories that keep us going. Thank You, Colleen and Joe. ~ diana

Hello, Gina –

We just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for helping us. Back on January 21, we met you at Harper Woods Vet after hours emergency care. We brought in Moe (a kitty that had been abandoned by our neighbor.) We’d been giving him shelter & food on our porch, but as temps were dropping near zero, we felt the need to find Moe some shelter. We’d called around to several places (shelters, rescues, pet stores, etc) looking for somewhere who could take him, so he wouldn’t be out in the cold. Finally, I called the emergency care clinic & spoke to you. You informed me of the work that you do with 4 Paws 1 Heart. As we were unable to find anywhere else to take him, we decided to bring him into our home. Since we already have 2 cats, we wanted to get him checked out & make sure he was okay before bringing him inside. You checked him out, we took him home, and continued to try to find him a furever home. Well, we did…he’s staying with us! Our other 2 kitties are getting used to him, especially now that his trial period is over & he’s no longer sequestered to his “room.” He’s really just the sweetest kitty!

Thank you again, for all that you do!

Colleen & Joe
(& Moe!)

Happy Tails Scruffy

6/12/13 Thank you to the village of people who made the difference in our little guy’s life. Here’s a report from our friends at NBS Animal Rescue. ~ diana

CONGRATULATIONS TO SCRUFFY who found his fur-ever home with Sara and Jeff!!!

Mr. Scruffy came to NBS Animal Rescue from our fantastic friends at 4 Paws 1 Heart when he tragically was hit by a car and broke his femur bone and required extensive surgery to repair it. A kind gentlemen saw Scruffy get hit and sought out his owners to help him. Sadly his owners wanted nothing to do with Scruffy so thegentlemen helped make sure that Scruffy got to the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center and helped make a donation for his care.

Gina and the volunteers at 4 Paws 1 Heart and the awesome veterinary staff at AUCCC worked hard to help Scruffy be comfortable as they sought out the best treatment options for him so he could regain the use of his limb. An animal angel generously donated financial support for Scruffy’s surgical expenses at OVRS and we’re happy to report that at his 2 month check in – Scruffy’s leg has healed and the X-Ray’s look wonderful!!!

Even better news!! SCRUFFY HAS BEEN ADOPTED by his foster parents Sara and Jeff!! This wonderful family fell in love with Scruffy from the get go, worked hard to help ensure that he stayed as calm as possible (not an easy task!), got his medications, and watched diligently for signs of pain. They enrolled him in puppy school and are excited to help him learn some new tricks and skills! Although Scruffy was a a bit scruffy when he came into rescue – he’s anything but Scruffy now! This handsome hunk was groomed by our friends at Bingo Pet Salon and now has an adorable teddy bear look that everyone just fell in love with! Sara and Jeff have decided to call their adopted pooch Scruffy a little more distinguished of a name in Monty.

We can’t begin to thank 4 Paws 1 Heart, the staff at AUCCC, the surgical staff at OVRS, and Scruffy’s guardian angels who looked out for him and made his full recovery possible.

Sara and Jeff – we look forward to many happy updates, stories, pictures, and fun memories we hope you’ll share with us of the adventures with Scruffy! Welcome to the NBS Family!!

Happy Tails Scruffy!