How Can Any Caring Person Walk Away From Their Loyal Pet — It Happens Every Day

6/18/14 – We’ve had lots of happy stories lately so let’s work together to create one more and let’s find this sweetheart a home. Buddy is a 2 year-old female with kittens who were all left behind when the owners moved. (yes, I know, who in the heck does this??). In any case, the rescuer has kept her in a garage but now needs to find a home (foster would be OK) by Saturday because she is having visitors. Buddy had 5 kittens, two died but homes were found for the other three. PLEASE, let’s get her into a home, even if it’s temporary. Contact [email protected] ~ diana p.s. 4p1h will pay for spaying and any other vaccinations needed.

The Pack Turned Against Her Resulting In Over 100 Wounds

6/18/14 Good Happy Morning!!! More Happy Beginnings – I can’t tell all of you how much I love Jane and how her story moved me when I first read it. The thought of a sweet female being constantly attacked by a pack, made my heart break. The positive was that Jane’s story introduced me to Mutts of Motown, a great rescue totally focused on the welfare of the animal. I’ve had the opportunity to visit Jane and now she has her own forever home after 1 and 1/2 years!! Again, without generous supporters, these animals could NOT be saved.  Here is her update from our friends at Mutts of Motown ~ diana
“This is Jane. In February of 2012 she was attacked by the pack of dogs she’d been living with and was a bloody mess when a Mutts of Motown volunteer picked her up. Our rescue was able to cover her injuries. It was then discovered she had heartworm, which is very costly to treat and we asked for help from 4 Paws 1 Heart. And they helped us to help her! Her treatment would have brought our small rescue to it’s knees at that time, when our adoptions are at their lowest. Thanks to 4 Paws, Jane is fine, and she’s the best behaved dog we have. She’s also got an adoption pending! By supporting 4 Paws 1 Heart, you’re supporting dogs and cats like our Jane!”