One Week Old and Alone on the Streets

4 paws 1 heart took in this 1 week old kitten that needs bottle feeding. She was found on the ground in a nearby city. I need someone with experience bottle feeding to take over, but I can get her through the next couple days. Email me if you can help. [email protected]

UPDATE:  We’ve had a few offers to help with bottle feeding and fostering.  If you are able to foster,  there are an over abundance of kittens and cats who can use your help.  Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you would like us to keep your name and contact number on file.  Thank YOU. ~ diana

SELENA – Under 1 Pound and Lost in a Storm

6/19/14 – Not only do we commend the young men who saved this innocent, we want to commend the parents who raised two young men to be caring and loving humans. Gina’s report:
“This baby weighing just under 1# was found wandering all alone after the terrible storm today. She is about 6 weeks old and it was a blessing that two young men were kind enough to pick her up and seek help for her. We are calling her Selena. She is covered in flea dirt, eyes crusted shut from infection, sneezing, congested, dehydrated, and weak. 4paws 1heart stepped in to help and we are happy to be able to give this beautiful baby a second chance. Hats off to the young men that did not just ignore this helpless soul!!!!!” – gina

6/20/14 – I could NOT resist posting this picture of “Selena”. She is so adorable! Tonight she got a warm bath, no more fleas, and here she is on her heating pad and her stuffed teddy from Harper Woods Vet Staff:) She is so precious!!! Please share so we can find her the PERFECT home! Email me at [email protected] if you are that forever family! Thank you!! Gina

Thank You, Comcast, For Being a Good Community Partner

Thanks to our many friends and supporters, we continuously get suggestions as to various ways 4 Paws 1 Heart can earn money to assist the abandoned and abused. This program was just brought to our attention and I think we could make a real difference. PLEASE SHARE, and if you have some business friends let them know that not only might they may be able to save money and get better cable and telephone services, but they’ll also be able to help give the abandoned a second chance in life. Thanks, diana

— with Kristin Lyn.

6/18/14 – And this is where your money goes!! Our little Gilligan — He was stolen from his owner and then one year later was rescued after being thrown from a car.  Although his owner was found, she chose not to take him because she couldn’t afford the eye treatment he would need the rest of his life–she made the ultimate sacrifice for his well being.  He has since been in a loving home with two fur buddies and has just thrived.  Can you believe it is the same little guy?? ~ diana

Mr. Bittens Will Never Be A Daddy Again!!

6/18/14 Happiness continues. Your dollars make a difference (not to mention your hearts!!)   A message from Mr. Bittens’ rescuer and now, his dad.  Thank You, diana
“A very big thank you to 4paws1heart. Mr. Bittens is doing great. He was just neutered on Tuesday and was home by the end of the day. Patterson veterinary clinic is an awesome place to take your pets. They are very kind to the humans too. This is a grumpy kitty pic of him shortly after we brought him home:-)”

DEWEY – Found Scared and Sick In October, 2013 – Today Much Loved

6/18/14  More Happiness if you can stand it. Dewey, the loverbutton.  A report from his mom after they moved to a new home.
~ diana
“Dewey says hi from his new room, a little anxious about his move to his parents first home but the sweetest eyes anyone has seen. Reminiscent of bringing him home when we first got him from Gina DeLuca in November. We are thankful for 4 paws 1 heart every time we see that sweet face”