July 19 – 1st Annual 5K Run/Walk Fur Fun

6/17/14 SPONSORS NEEDED FOR OUR 5K WALK/RUN FUR FUN EVENT. – Dear Friends, please share our event and help us get sponsors and participants. After our event, plan on spending the day and having lunch at one of the great restaurants on the Lake, listen to some of the bands being sponsored by Captain Jack’s and the Nautical Mile Yacht Club, check out the art show and the vendors at the Jefferson Yacht Club, say HI to our friends at Tigerlily Cat Rescue, A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue, and A Hopeful Heart who will have an adoption event at the Jefferson Yacht Club, or rent a kayak or jet ski for an afternoon of fun on Lake St. Clair. Anyone interested in joining us or providing a sponsorship should contact me at [email protected] and I will e-mail the forms. Thanks!! ~ diana

Ryker Will Be Loved Forever

6/17/14 – HAPPY DANCE — RYKER GOT ADOPTED!! – Here is Ryker in his new forever home thanks to a 4 paws 1 heart friend who shared his story. Ryker means strength and he was placed in a home with a special needs individual. Ryker has overcome a severe dog attack and he had to lose his rear leg due to the injuries. His new owner had a brain aneurism years ago and has suffered seizures and strokes since. Ryker will be by his side now to keep him company and give him the strength to overcome hard times. Happy Beginnings to our Ryker and his new dad. ~ Gina

Cat Massacre by Critter Control

5/6/14 UPDATE ON THE RECENT CAT MASSACRE – From our research and contact with knowledgeable sources, we are quite confident that the trapping of cats by pest control companies is illegal in the State of Michigan. The killing of cats is also illegal and it was confirmed by the admission of the Critter Control vice president l that all of the cats trapped were gassed. Unfortunately, there are too many incidents of this nature happening and if you ‘google’ pest control companies you will actually see some companies advertise the removal of cats as one of their services. Cats are not RATS, they are not rodents, they can be people’s pets. They play an integral role in our eco-system. I find it frustrating and sad that although the pet industry is valued at over $3 billion a year, we continue to allow animals to go un-spayed and neutered, we turn a blind eye to animal cruelty performed by companies like this or some shelters who are not as regulated as they should be and our law enforcement agencies don’t always recognize the seriousness of animal cruelty. We turn a blind eye to puppy mills and as long as foolish people continue to support these hell-holes, things will never change. We are still operating with Dog laws almost 100 years old which allow dogs to be eradicated by sheriffs and our laws don’t even address cats other than under cruelty laws (thankfully). It’s time for people to get involved with their legislators. This isn’t someone else’s job, if you care, YOU must do something. As we’ve said so many times before, there are so many ways everyone can make a difference — ADOPT, FOSTER, DONATE, WRITE AND MEET YOUR LEGISLATORS, LEARN WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY. It truly is up to us! ~ Diana

Update:  6/17/14  – We learned that the gas chamber used to illegally kill cats was found and confiscated.  Critter Control’s licenses are being reviewed.

May 5, 2014 – 4 paws 1 heart took in an 8 week old stray kitten that was seen hit by a car tonight. We are currently treating him for head trauma but he is stabilized. Please keep paws crossed that he responds to treatment and we can pull him through this! Gina 

Please Make Sure Your Pets Are Secured and Identified

URGENT PLEASE SHARE This female was found this afternoon on Telegraph road hit by a car. She has a dislocated femur on the right side and a broken head of her femur on the left side of her pelvis. She can not walk. 4 paws 1 heart is taking care of her medical needs and supportive care, but we would like to find her owners asap. She had no chip, no collar, but she does have a line tattoo on her belly indicating she was fixed. We estimate her to be about 7-9 years old. If anyone has any information about her owners please email me at (owner must show proof of ownership) [email protected]

6/16/14  Update:  No matter how much the doctors at the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center and Gina tried, this sweet female had to be humanely euthanized.  Her injuries were too great and no one wanted her to suffer any more. ~ diana

Princess Hannah

4/29/14 – This is Princess Hannah seen in our earlier posting. FOUND on the street. She is a very sweet girl who was obviously terrorized by other animals. She was chased atop a tree by a dog but once the dog was under control, she came down from the tree only to hide under a car. She actually came out when called and was very mild and sweet until she was placed around other cats by the person who rescued her–. then she was terrorized. She is now being housed in the hospital and has been vetted and vaccinated and will be spayed BUT she is in need of a home without other animals. Being in the hospital setting with other animals is just stressing her even more. There has to be a friend out there looking for a kitty who can give full and total unconditional love. Please contact Gina at gina.4paws1heart@gmail if you can help. We do not know what will happen if we cannot find her a home.

6/167/14 Update:  Princess Hannah is now in a forever home. ~ diana

4/23/14 The Beginning of Kitten Season

4/24/14 –

Tiz the season for abandoned kittens! I’m currently filling in and bottle-feeding these babies for “A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue”. They will be going back the the rescue on Sunday. They will eventually need homes, and If your interested in adoption please contact Michelle @ https://www.facebook.com/rejoycefulrescue Please Note: It will be weeks before they are considered ready. They are only about 1-2 weeks old and have a ways to go before they are out of the woods! Gina

4/23/14 – Happy Update: Many of you may remember Mr. Honeybell. Our 4P1H friend, Dave, contacted us for help. He and his wife had been sheltering and feeding Mr. Honeybell (outside) after he was abandoned by his owners. With such a severe winter, Dave became very concerned for Mr. Honeybell’s well being and then he saw that the cat was limping. On January 23, 2014 with the help of our good friends from Paws For The Cause Feral Cat Rescue, Mr. Honeybell was taken to the vet. 4P1H paid for his medical treatment and neutering and we’re happy to say that Mr. Honeybell is very healthy, not limping, and slowly falling in love with his new family. Here is Dave”s latest update ~ diana:

“Just wanted to let you know that we have become great friends. He does something I have never seen. He grabs my arm with his front paws, roles on his back and pushes on it repeatedly with his hind paws… No claws… Then he gives me a nibble on the hand and kisses.” ~ Dave

6/17/14 Update:  Mr. Honeybell continues to do very well.  His dad tells us that each day they get closer and closer! ~ diana

Yes, Pygmy Goats Are Companion Animals Too

6/17/14 – To those of you who have been long-time friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart, you may remember the pygmy goat who was dying from a urinary tract blockage at Greenwood Pets in Warren. Lisa Taylor, Warren ACO, contacted us, got the goat, and took him to a veterinary who worked on farm/companion animals. Although we were never able to get our money back as ordered by the Court in the recent trial against the owner of this disgusting facility which was finally closed down when their water and electricity was shut off, we are happy to report that our little Pygmy Goat (considered a companion animal) lives happily ever after with a wonderful veterinarian who has a lot of land to play on. Don’t you just love the bird going for a ride on his back??? ~ diana

We Couldn’t Do It Without You!

6-17-14 GOOD MORNING: A huge thank you to the 26 supporters who have made donations through paypal and the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Because of you, we are back in business to help the abandoned and abused. We may have more donations coming to us in the mail, so if you sent us a donation, thank you in advance. Please share our upcoming events with your friends and help us make them great successes.

As a reminder of what we’re all about and how we got to where we are today, I’ve posted Hercules. It was two years last month when he was rescued by the ACO in Eastpointe, Matt Virgadamo (who is now in Sterling Heights) and brought to Gina. ~ diana