The House of Horrors

6/23/14 – Good Morning Friends – It is with a heavy heart that I add this requested donations linkĀ Melanie, our angel from A Hopeful Heart, sent me photos of what she, Mutts of Motown, and a few others experienced in the house of death yesterday. Mel spared our friends by only showing you these dear, sick kittens who were ‘lucky’ enough to survive. It is estimated that there could have been over 100 dead bodies throughout the house in various stages of death. There will be follow-up with the Michigan Humane Society today. A Hopeful Heart is in serious NEED of qualified foster homes. If you can help you can e-mail ([email protected])me with your contact information and I will get it to Melanie. This was the home of a rescue who is still adopting out animals in a pet supply store. I will update all of you when I can but I do not want to jeopardize any investigation by giving information I shouldn’t. One last point before I break to say a prayer for all of these poor animals who depend on us as ‘humans’ — when a dog hoarder or a puppy mill breeder is raided, hundreds of volunteers come out to help — dozens of rescues work to take on the abused animals BUT when a similar raid occurs where cats have been so abused and cruelly neglected, you see very little outcry or offers of help. I hope that our friends are different and do everything they can to share this story as it progresses. Please help anyway you can. A Hopeful Heart has been a wonderful friend to us and 4 Paws 1 Heart is committed to helping as much as possible with the medical bills. ~ diana

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