DONATIONS – Help Us Continue to Save the Abandoned and Abused Like Our Hercules

We’ve made so many new friends since we took on our boy, Hercules, back in May of 2012. If you have any doubt what he looked like as compared to today, here he is when he first came to us — emaciated, unable to stand on his two back legs, couldn’t even walk up a few steps. He was a beaten, physically and mentally, little puppy. I get teary eyed remembering. He is the first dog who has ever been in my house. Thank You once again to Matt Virgadamo, ACO who saved him from his evil owner, Gina DeLuca who loved him and fostered him, Dr. Balaj of Harper Woods Veterinary, Lori Jobak, who provided months of hydro therapy, Dr. Tari Kern (mom and doctor), WDIV who put out Herc’s story and, of course, all of the people who cared enough to donate. Be proud of what all of you accomplished. And, proudly, here is our Herc today dressed in his Irish green.hercules5:2012hercules3:17:15~ diana

Humane Society of Macomb – High Kill Rate

3/26/15 – Please visit this facebook page, especially if you live in Macomb County or the nearby counties where your lost animal might cross People who donate to the Humane Society of Macomb should know how their donations are spent and this ‘shelter’ seems to spend their donated dollars on killing. If you check out the Michigan Department of Agriculture Animal Shelter Report for 2013 you will see that they reported receiving 1,363 cats and killing 1,495 (over 100% kill rate ???); 686 dogs received and 441 killed (65% kill rate). Compare that to a the City of Detroit Animal Shelter which is a government run entity with NO donations — 71% kill rate for cats and a 75% kill rate for dogs AND this is in the City of Detroit where they can’t refuse entry and where there is a overwhelming number of stray animals. Now, also compare all of those numbers to the Macomb Animal Control Shelter — 44% for cats and 36% for dogs and their numbers continue to go down based on policy changes under the current Chief. There are way too many good rescue groups who are truly saving animals who can use your hard-earned money (including 4p1h of course). It’s bad enough that our tax dollars are used to kill animals but to use donated money to kill at such rates in a county like Macomb is unacceptable. As soon as I get a copy of their tax filing, I will share it with all of you. ~ diana

Ginger – Needs Surgery to Have the Bullet Fragments Removed

This is “Ginger” and this is a very recent radiograph of the ankle area of her leg. The white area is bullet fragments. This is from an old gunshot wound that is causing problems. She is also Heartworm Positive. You might remember her story which we posted not to long ago. Anyway, Ginger is going to undergo a much needed surgery on Thursday to try and remove some of those bullet fragments. Paws Crossed for Ginger! ginaginger'sbulletwounds3:31:15 ginger3:30:15wbrendan ginger3:31:15

The Little House on the Prairie Family – Rescued from the Hoarder’s Home in Warren, MI

3/31/15 – Meet The Little House on the Prairie gang. They were rescued by Melanie of A Hopeful Heart, taken in by Futures 4 Felines, and all medical care, which was extensive, was paid for by 4 Paws 1 Heart. Follow their progress on the Futures 4 Felines facebook page and, please don’t forget, that we could not do what we do without the financial support of our friends. Donations to 4 Paws 1 Heart can be made through paypal on this page or on our website ( or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 ~ dianaLittle House family3:27:15 Little House Familyw:futures for felines3:27:15 Little House framily fromhoarderhomew:futures4felines3:28:15

Chance – Her Back Legs are Paralyzed – Pray for Her Recovery

3/30/15 – This sweetheart who has been named Chance needs your prayers. He was pulled from a high-kill shelter by a volunteer at the shelter. He was neutered and vaccinated and then within 3 days, his back legs became paralyzed. The volunteer brought him to a vet where he received an antibiotic injection. A good friend of 4p1h who works with recovering cats and kittens who need bottle feeding, saw Chance’s story and asked if we could help. Chance was x-rayed and examined by our the Emergency doctors. It has not yet been determined what happened to Chance. He was given a steroid injection which at this time has not changed his condition. We are checking in with our favorite multi-specialist, Dr. Kern of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation and Therapy for Pets, to determine if we should be trying anything else. We will consider Chance’s quality of life but in the mean time his foster mom, Denise N., is loving him and taking great care of this sweetheart. Please remember that without the financial support from our followers we couldn’t be there for the abandoned and abused. ~ dianachance3:27:15 Chancew:deenajera3:27:15 chancew:deenajera3:28:15 chancew:najera3:27:15

Half Pint and Her Kittens – Rescued from a Hoarder’s Home in Warren, MI

3/30/15 – More of the moms and their kittens who were rescued from the hoarder house in Warren, Michigan and whose medical care was covered by 4 Paws 1 Heart. Remember that the moms and kittens are all with Futures 4 Felines but everyone will NOT be available for adoption until the babies are weaned and are 12 weeks old. Meet Half Pint and her kittens. ~ dianahalfpinthaorderkittenw:halfpint3:28:15 halfpintkittensw:hoarderhalfpint3:28:15 halfpintkittiesw:halfpint3:28:15:::

Precious and Her Babies- Rescued from a Hoarder’s Home in Warren, MI

3/30/15 – Precious was rescued by Melanie of A Hopeful Heart Rescue. She went to the hoarder house on several occasions after long days at work and taking care of her family. She saved nearly 40 cats and kittens and 4 Paws 1 Heart spent a little over $2,300 to help with the medical needs. Futures 4 Felines is one of the rescue groups who helped Melanie by taking on the sheltering and adoption needs of three adults, and 3 moms with their kittens. This is Precious who was one of the moms escued from the hoarder home in Warren, MI when the babies were 2 weeks old. Precious was treated for ear mites and sores in her ear, fleas, and worms. She was very thin, but has put on some weight over the last 3 weeks. Precious is very nervous and skittish, but love, time and attention should bring her around. The kittens are 5 weeks old now and doing well, playing, eating wet and dry food and using the litter box. They will be ready for adoption when they are 12 weeks old. Follow their progress on the facebook page of Futures 4 Felines. ~ dianaPreciousfromhoarderhomehadkittens3:27:15Precious'kitten3:27:15Precious'babie3:27:15::precious''baby3:27:15Precious' baby3:27:15