Jack – Continuing to Heal from His Eye Removal

Jack w:Kelly Parchertt 2:19:162/19/16  – “Happy update: Mr. Jack somehow scratched his cornea, so the good Dr. Burg gave us ointment for 3x a day and said he will be good in no time 😀😀😀Thank god, I wasof course thinking the worst, but all will be OK!! Thank you everyone for your care, prayers and concern. you all!! ~ Kelly”

“Hi everyone, please keep Jack in your prayers this morning, he is having an issue with his remaining eye. Yesterday he came to me, eye shut and clearly distressed. When trying to look in his eye he let out a “meow cry” so we bundled him up and held him for the rest of the day. He started to be his happy little self again last night at treat time, but still his eye remained just cracked open. We don’t know if he scratched it, has something in it, or if it could be a complication from surgery. The Dr. Is off today and out of the area, but agreed to come in to see him at 10:30. We will post an update as soon as we know something. Paws crossed everyone – Kelly”

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