Phoenix (aka Asia) – One of the Lucky Cats Saved Where Over 30 Perished

5/4/16 – Unfortunately there were far more cats killed in the firebombing than originally thought. Because of the bravery of firefighters, seven cats and one dog was saved. One of the seven fortunate babies, found her way to our good friend, Denise Najera. Denise will be caring for Asia, who suffered smoke inhalation and was obviously traumatized, until she is well enough to be adopted. Here is a report from our Superhero, Chance, who will be helping his mom. Please say a few prayers for all of the fur babies who have been removed from the other house; our entire rescue village has been working hard to find placement for these lost souls. ~ diana

“Hello Team, sooo please meet Asia. Asia is our new medical foster that arrived this evening. Asia is an approximately 3yr old boy kitty who is one of only a handful of kittys who survived his home being firebombed. Over 20 kittys perished in this senseless act of violence in Detroit 😢 Asia suffered extensive smoke inhalation and also being drenched with fire hoses and although being revived by firefighters he was then left in a carrier over 24hrs. The vet says his lungs are hurt from the smoke and his throat is very sore. We are giving him antibiotics so infection doesn’t set into his lungs. We are trying to entice him to eat something. Mom says he seems to be in shock, we can’t even begin to imagine how he must be feeling. We are just going to love him up and do everything we can while he’s in our paws to let him know he’s safe and loved. When’s Asia is feeling better he will be needing a loving home. His caretaker was not in the home when the firebombing happened, but she has surrendered all the surviving kittys as she’s no longer able to care for them. Big Thankyou to everyone who stepped up for these poor babies by sharing, posting, texting, transporting to vets and fosters, and making room in their homes and hearts. Please keep Asia and all the surviving kittys in your prayers as they try to heal physically and emotionally and please share his story. Love Chance phoenix5:4:16house fire 5:4:16

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