Layla and Holly – Everyone in the Foster Home Picks On Them

6/3/16 – Meet Layla and Holly. They are 6 months old and in desperate need of a foster, rescue, or forever home. They’re shy at first, but friendly. Unfortunately, there is a mama cat in the rescuer’s home who spends her days trying to chase them down and antagonize them, when she’s not feeding her babies. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for all of their medical care, including spaying. They’ve been hiding out from big mama and that’s no life. Of all the fosters cats in the home, mama only targets these two. If anyone can just foster in order to get them out of this situation, Heather will continue to search for a forever home. Please share and if you can help, email Heather at ~ diana13321802_1163450393687257_3794761785584544824_n

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