Don Gato is Found and Finally has a Growth Removed

7/29/16 – Just a reminder that we were nearly out of funds and now we are in the midst of a fundraiser through October 3. Without donations we can’t fund the medical care needed by the animals and a special donor is matching $1000!”

Without your donations, animals like Don Gato could not be saved. At the time Don Gato was rescued he had a large growth on his face. But before we could get the growth removed, he escaped out of a torn screen.  Three months later a woman who lived in the complex where Don Gato went missing, saw Don Gato hanging out by a hotel in Troy.  The employees of the hotel fed him for days and contacted his mom.  With the help of one of our friends, Rachel, Don Gato was trapped, taken to the vet and later went through surgery to finally have the growth removed. He is safe and happy with his forever family and his fur buddy Farfel (who we also assisted with some minor medical issues.  With the help of our friends, we can make miracles happen.don-gato-before-92916 don-gato-92916 farfel-and-don-gato-92916

Fundraiser to Benefit the Abandoned and Abused

Are you ready for another good party?? Get out of the work week doldrums by joining us for our first ever SOCK HOP on Thursday, October 27. And, if you are anything like our Gina and don’t know what a Sock Hop is, just check out Happy Days. Thank you to the WaterMark, the newest restaurant on the Nautical Mile, St. Clair Shores, for hosting us. All for a great cause — animals who have been abandoned and abused. Wristbands are purchased at the door.fundraiser-102716

Gizmo – Found in a Home with Dozens of Cats

9/27/16 – Gizmo is one of many kittens and cats found in a home which was overwhelmed with rescued cats and kittens. The majority of the cats and kittens were very ill with upper respiratory infections, flea infestations which resulted in anemia, and ear mites. One of the babies, unfortunately, did not survive. This little guy was doing well until last week end when he was having problems breathing. His rescuer and foster mom, contacted us and we made arrangements for him to go to one of our favorite emergency hospitals, Advanced Animal Emergency, in Clinton Township. With the expertise of our very own Gina DeLuca and the skilled staff of the hospital, it was determined that Gizmo had food stuck in his esophagus. The blockage was removed and Gizmo is back to being the crazy kitty he was before the emergency. Your donations truly make miracles happen.Anyone interested in giving Gizmo a forever home, should contact Dee at [email protected] ~ dianagizmo-92716

Bowie – Rescued from a High Kill Shelter

9/26/16 – Once again a generous benefactor has heard our plea for help and has offered to match up to $1,000 in donations received between September 26 and October 3. Please consider making a donation so that we can continue saving the lives of those who have been abandoned and abused like this sweet boy, Bowie. Donations can be made through paypal by using the donation link on this page or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
Bowie, a 2.5 year old neutered pit mix was first rescued from a high-kill shelter just before he was going to be killed. The rescuer did due diligence in seeking an adopter which included a meet and greet, reference check, and an adoption contract. The first call from the adopter was because the wife had problems with Bowie listening to her. The rescue hired a trainer to work with Bowie. Then fiive months later the adopter called saying that Bowie had urinated on her son’s car seat and that he would be taken to be “put to sleep” — or as I like to say KILLED. Bowie was returned to the rescuer and then it was found that the poor guy was heart worm positive. That is when we received the urgent call for help.
Bowie has started his heart worm treatment and is doing well. He will be looking for his forever, loving home. Please contact Michelle Carver at [email protected] if you are interested in fostering or adopting Bowie. ~ diana

bowie-92616 bowie-92616

Sweet Mama and Her Kittens – Living Outside Needing Rescue

9/25/16 – Look at the ears and the markings on these sweeties. If anyone can help by taking them in permanently or in finding them a forever loving home, Please contact Margo. 4 Paws 1 Heart will cover vetting and spay/neuter. Here is her message to us: ~ diana

“‘I’d love to find placement for this little family that has taken up residence under my house before I move next week. Black female is pregnant. White with black on nose (left) is a male, other white with black (front) is female. They are not feral. Male is a little hesitant (although I’m confident he would warm up in a home), but females let me pick them up now that they’re used to me. I can make a small donation towards vetting if a rescue is willing to take them. Located in Hamtramck. Please message me (Margo Butler) or email [email protected]

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4 Paws 1 Heart – Critically Low on Funds

Dear Friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart,
We are at another critical juncture where our bank account balance is at the lowest it has been in the last few years and we need your help.

As all of you have seen from our postings, we have saved the lives of many animals this year and took on some very serious cases. This is in addition to the hundreds of cats and kittens we have spayed/neutered and vaccinated. The total number of cats and dogs we have helped so far this year is a little over 800 at a cost of $106,000 ($11,778 per month) !! In 2015, we spent $125,000 (10,417 per month) in medical bills. And, as many of you know, we never spend more than we have. So unless donations increase, we will have to turn away from some who need our help.

I will continue to report on the many who we’ve helped up until this point. There are more animals to report on then there are days in the year.

Please consider making a donation today. It is only with the generosity of our supporters that we can make miracles happen. A donation link can be found on this page, on our website, or donations can be paid through the mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. Thank YOU.

Penelope – Found Alone on the Streets

9/23/16 – Meet Miss Penelope. This little sweetheart was found wandering the streets. The finder’s family couldn’t take her in because of allergies and, fortunately, contacted our friend, Amber, who took her in. Of course, 4 Paws 1 Heart is taking care of her vaccinations, testing, flea treatment and, eventually, spaying. Anyone interested in this lovable sweetie, should contact Amber at:
[email protected] ~ dianapenelope-92316

Phoebe Update – First Found on the Street Next to Her Dead Sibling

9/22/16 – Phoebe. It was September, 2014 that Phoebe first came into our lives.

“PHOEBE – A friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart was walking out of the hospital he works at in Detroit. He heard a dog crying and saw a crowd of people gathered. As he approached the crowd he saw a dead puppy who looked like his body had been broken in half and next to him was another dog, crying in distress. Allegedly, the dead puppy was hit by a car but our friend believed otherwise. He immediately took the crying dog and brought her home. 4 Paws 1 Heart took care of her vetting and first round of vaccinations and we will pay for her spaying when she is old enough. She is about 10 – 13 weeks old.”

Well, her dad, Scott, contacted us to let us know that Phoebe is ready to be spayed. We were happy to keep our commitment to Phoebe and to make sure she lives a healthy and happy life. Here is Phoebe now and when she was rescued.~ diana

P.S. For those of you who wonder why Phoebe is just being spayed at 2 years old, I will say that many medical experts believe female dogs should not be spayed before they are 1 and 1/2 years old; males at one year. The research indicates that dogs (and cats) spayed/neutered too early are prone to behavioral and medical issues later in life. That being said, we all understand why animals are spayed/neutered much earlier in the realm of rescue. A primary concern is that no more unwanted puppies or kittens are born.phoebe-92216 phoebe-when-found-2015

Zelda, Jake, Navi, andLink – Living Alone Under a Deck

9/21/16 – Meet Zelda, Jake, Navi, and Link. They were found alone under a deck with no one to take care of them. Fortunately, they were rescued and 4 Paws 1 Heart agreed to have these little flea-ridden babies seen by a veterinarian to be examined, tested, vaccinated and eventually spayed/neutered. Anyone interested in adopting any of them should contact Danielle at: [email protected] ~ diana


Freedom – Found with Heart Worm

9/20/16 – Meet Free (Freedom) – She was found on the streets, emaciated, flea ridden, and in need of love and care. Thankfully, a kind person took her in, got her healthy, and found, what she thought, would be her forever home. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. The night before the adopter was moving out of State she contacted Emma, the rescuer, and told her Free was coming back to her. At Free’s vet visit, it was determined that she was heart worm positive. Emma, who we’ve helped with another heart worm positive rescue, contacted us and we agreed to help Free in her journey to a new life. Please say a little prayer for Free that she gets through her treatment and can eventually find a truly forever family. Anyone interested in beautiful Free should contact Emma at [email protected] ~ dianafreedom-92016