Lizzie – Rescued Just Days Before Giving Birth

11/14/16 – Lizzie and Her Babies: We’ve said many times before that in the world of saving animals “it takes a village” and saving Lizzie was a village effort. It all started with a posting on facebook; a caring person had been feeding a stray pregnant female who had showed up on her porch. She was worried because the weather was getting cold and she looked like she could have her babies at any time. Unfortunately, she could not take in the soon-to-be mom because of allergies. Fortunately, we were contacted by someone who had seen the post and we committed to helping mama and babies with their medical needs; that person committed to finding someone to take in Lizzie so that she could have her babies in safety. That was just 8 days ago!! Debbie K. took in Lizzie and, yesterday, Lizzie had her babies. There were five beautiful babies born but due to a birth defect, one baby had to be taken to our good friends at Advanced Animal Emergency to be humanely euthanized. Please pray for Mama Lizzie and her babies so that Mama remains healthy and the babies grow to be healthy, happy kittens. ~ diana


11/28/16 – UPDATE:  We are very sorry to report that two more kittens died.  RIP little ones.lizzie-and-kittens-111416

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