Fred – Severely Matted, Blind, and Had Trouble Standing

9/10/17 – I received an e-mail from an independent rescuer who we’ve helped before about a cat who showed up at her dad’s house. ‘Fred’ was severely matted, appeared blind, and seemed to have a problem standing. Of course, we had Fred seen by one of our favorite veterinarians. Fred was already neutered — so he must have had a home at one time — and had to be put under to be shaved. He does have an eye issue but is not blind. And, now that he is in the loving home of Nikki’s dad, he is eating and doing well.

Please understand that we are there for cats and dogs but, unfortunately, the number of very sick and injured cats continues to be overwhelming. Far too many cat owners. believe that cats can be put outside and survive. A domesticated cat cannot fend for himself in the wild. Also, there are far too many sub-humans who hate cats and will purposely injure or poison them. Please continue to pray for the cats and dogs (and humans) in the path of Hurricane Irma and all of the animals who are thrown out, neglected, and abused in our own communities. It has been heartbreaking to see the number of animal bodies being recovered in Houston. ~ dianafred 9:10:17fred 1 9:1l:17

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