Frankie Castle and John Cena – They Almost Lost Their Eyes Due to Upper Respiratory Infections

10/18/17 – Frankie Castle and John Cena were very, very sick when they were rescued from the streets. With medical help from 4 Paws 1 Heart and the loving care of Heather Elizabeth, these babies are quickly improving. By working together, we can save lives. ~ diana

frankie castle and john cena 10:17:17Friankie Castle 10:17:17John Cena 10:17:17“Update: Frank Castle (the brownish one), the sicker of the two, has come a long way. I thought he might lose his eyes, as they were bulged out of his head and swollen. Though he still looks a little rough, trust and believe he looks much better, he looks great. His third eye lids just need some time to recover from such trauma, but I believe he’ll be just fine. His cough and congestion are about 90% gone. John Cena (the grey one) however is almost in tip top shape. His third eye lid on his right eye is slightly irritated, but it’s improving daily. His cough and congestion are now memories to him. This two boys came to us very sick. Lori Shafer was so kind to drive them all the way to us from Detroit. At one point we thought they weren’t going to make it and now look at them! Thank you Charlotte Yakima for arranging this. Stacy Kent see what your food donation has done for them? It’s making them big and strong! Thank you! Thank you everyone for your prayers. I’m confident that by Thanksgiving, they’ll be ready to go to their furever homes! Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for covering their medical expenses. – Heather”

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