Eddie – Update

11/4/17 – If you are a ‘catless’ home and would like to add a real love bug to your family, please think about giving Eddie a forever loving home. We are waiting for an additional test to tell us if he is leukemia positive and if he is, he will be going to a sanctuary. We are thankful for that but Eddie was so used to being a part of a family until his family left him behind, it will be hard for his rescuers to think of him as being a ‘small fish’ in a big pond. Eddie would be the perfect cat for a family wanting a loving, thankful kitty. Please share. ~ diana

“Omg, I got to spend some time with the gorgeous Eddie tonight. He is beyond special, so loving, so calm & sweet. He’s off for his neuter in the morning and then to a foster while we all await the results of his IFA test results, huge thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart for all his medical! There’s no way to not fall in love with this guy the minute you meet him. Please say a prayer his snap test was false and he comes back negative on his IFA test for FeLV. But if it comes back positive, then it’s all about finding the exact purrrfect spot for Eddie where he will be loved & spoiled as much as possible, for as long as possible ❤ Love you Eddie!eddie 11:2:17 eddie--11:2:17 eddie---11:2:17


Fundraiser – Warren Motts High School, Warren, MI

11/4/17 – It’s that time of the year again — Christmas Craft Shows!!! We are truly blessed to have so many supporters who continue to help us in any way they can. Colleen Parker is one of those people. Colleen and her mother-in-law, Elaine, are donating their sales during the Craft Show to 4 Paws 1 Heart in memory of her animal-loving sister-in-law, Terry Kamphorst. Look for the table – TERRY’S LEGACY and make a purchase and say HI as a friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart.https://www.facebook.com/warrenmottbandcraftshow/photos/a.1670720293214605.1073741829.1628255447461090/2023174914635806/?type=3&theater~ diana

Champ and Lola – Found Alone, Living Under a Trailer

11/3/17 – So many cats who are thrown out and left to fend for themselves. Here is a mesage I received from a caring person who found Lola and Champ:
“Champ is the all Grey male. Last summer I found him living under my trailer. He was so skinny and hungry. I started feeding him and by October of last year I started letting him in my house. I noticed he was declawed so I assumed he was a house cat before but then I realized he was not neutered. He started spraying in my house and making it miserable. But I cannot kick him out. He does not let me pick him up. Now as for the black and white female Lola. Kinda the same story but she’s completely feral. I’ve let her come in and she does but is still checking the place out lol.”

Once again, 4 Paws 1 Heart was happy to make sure that these poor disposed kitties would not reproduce and would hopefully go on to live healthy lives. Both cats were tested, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and treated for fleas and parasites. Thank you to our donors for making our work possible. ~ diana

champ 11:3:17 lola 11:3:17

Gizmo, Boo Boo, Twilight – Looking for Their Forever Homes

11/2/17 – And then there were three. We were contacted about 5 kittens needing medical backing. The person who rescued them actually volunteered for a rescue but the rescue was on hold for any new animals needing shelter and medical. We took care of the neuter/spay/vaccinations/testing of all kittens. Fortunately, two of the five have found their permanent homes but homes are still needed for three beauties. Please contact Mike at: [email protected] if you are interested. ~ diana

Twilight, Boo, Boo,Gizmo 11:2:17 Bear Bear, thunder, Gizmo, Boo Boo, Twilight.11:2:17jpg

Eddie – Update

eddie 10:30:1711/2/17 UPDATE: Unfortunately, the family who was going to take in Eddie if he tested again positive for feline leukemia has now backed out. There are two other sanctuaries that are being contacted to see if Eddie can be taken to one of them. The IFA results are not yet in and Eddie will be neutered tomorrow. ~ diana
11/1/17 UPDATE: After many hours of several people making contacts, the person who was to foster Eddie found a home with felv-positive cats who will take in Eddie if the IFA test comes back positive. If the results are negative, the original foster will take in Eddie and work at trying to find a forever home. – Diana

Additional Note: Many of our supporters saw a posting about a family of leukemia positive cats who were humanely euthanized at the recommendation of the doctor and agreement of the rescuer. Because of some venomous, uneducated attacks against 4 Paws 1 Heart, who is not the decision makers in any of the cases we assist with, I chose to take down the posting rather than have it negatively impact the hundreds of animals we continue to help. The fact that Eddie came into our purview a couple of days later is a coincidence and, as anyone who has followed 4 Paws 1 Heart for any length of time will tell you, Eddie is not the first nor the last fiv/felv cat that we have or will have medically covered. Decisions are made by the finders/rescuers and very often depends on whether a home can be provided. My background is in business — not veterinary medicine — and though others may think they know more than veterinarians, I will always take a veterinarian’s advice seriously.

11/1/17 Eddie Update: Eddie was left behind by his owner. A kind neighbor fed him and let him go in and out of her house. The neighbor contacted our friend, Dee, who is Chance’s mom and she contacted us to see if we could help with medical, and if we could, she would try and find Eddie a foster/permanent home. As you can see, Eddie is one handsome 15 lb. cat. In just a day, Dee found Eddie a foster and they decided that they would work together to find a permanent home. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for Eddie to be tested and vaccinated and an appointment was made for him to be neutered this Friday, November 3. The veterinary staff immediately fell in love with this guy, who did nothing but purr — no matter what they did to him. And then the BAD NEWS came in — he tested positive for feline leukemia. Contacts were made and the sanctuaries are full. The person who was going to take Eddie could not take him because she has cats. So here we go again. The veterinarian suggested another snap test in about two to three weeks but there was no where for Eddie to go for this long and be kept in isolation. I suggested the IFA test which is currently being used to confirm/deny SNAP tests although is it more expensive. In the mean time, the original foster used her contacts and found someone who currently has feline leukemia cats and is willing to take Eddie in BUT Eddie can’t go there until the IFA tests come back which could be 3 – 10 days (because of the weekend and the days the lab tests). So, Eddie is now back with his rescuer and she has been asked to keep Eddie isolated and inside. Unfortunately, her husband has dementia and opens doors which allows Eddie to get out — but we are all doing what we can — understanding that everyone has cats. Bottom Line – We would love to find someone who could keep Eddie until the IFA test results are in. If they confirm that Eddie is positive for leukemia, he will go to the home with other leukemia positive cats. If he is not positive, he will be fostered by the original person who is a friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart, until a permanent home can be found. – Please continue your prayers for this very sweet boy. ~ diana

Kitten Little (aka Nino) – Discovered in a Colony with a Leg Missing

kitten little (nino 11:1:17 Kitten little 11:1:1711/2/17 UPDATE: Kitten Little/Nino is now with the rescue group, Bottle Babies. The finder was contacted by the rescue and it was decided that Nino would be better with the rescue who will find him a forever home. We did receive an e mail from someone very interested in Nino and we’ve passed the information on. Wishing Nino/Kitten Littel the very best. ~ diana
11/1/17 – This is Kitten Little. The rescuer contacted us with this message: “She/He showed up in a feral colony with his back leg missing. When I went to feed my colony this morning the cat was hobbling by the door. I have a colony at the shop I work at. I’ve never seen this cat before. Very friendly, rubbing my legs. She/He went right into my carrier. I keep one in my car. I brought her home and she’s in my basement bathroom. Fluffy cat. Very dirty and matted. Ate right away. I have 4 cats already otherwise I would love to keep her”. We authorized Kitten Little to visit a veterinarian who treated Kitten Little for fleas and cleared up his mats. Kitten Little was also vaccinated (he was already neutered) and, thankfully, he tested negative for fiv/felv. The doctor also said that the missing leg had healed a while ago. In just a few days, the dad of the house fell in love with Kitten Little and now he is a permanent member of the rescuer’s household. ~ diana

Zelda – Happy Ever After

“Dear friends and family, If you have been touched by the animals we have helped or you simply support our mission to pay medical care for abused, injured, and abandoned stray animals, please take a minute to rate 4 paws 1 heart on

This is “Zelda”. She was found as a stray that was hit by a car. We covered her medical care and she is in a wonderful loving home. There are thousands like Zelda who wouldn’t have been given a 2nd chance if we didn’t exist. ♡
Thank you – Gina”zelda 10:31:17

Jester – Dumped by His Owners

10/31/17 – Jester has been living in a park where he was dumped by his owners. It took quite a while for the rescuers to convince Jester that they could be trusted but with much work and care, Jester, is now safe and being well fed — no longer needing to defend himself and search for food.. 4 Paws 1 Heart committed to Jester’s medical needs which included neuter, testing, and vaccinating. Your donations at work!! ~ dianajester 10:31:17 jester--10:31:17

Eddie – Was Left Behind by His Owners and Tested Positive for Feline Leukemia

10/30/17 – eddie -- 10:20:17 eddie 10:30:17This is Eddie. As has happened too often this year, he was left behind by his family. He is very loving and was being fed by a loving neighbor who we’ve helped in the past with 7 feral cats who she had been feeding. The neighbor contacted Chance’s mom and offered to match all donations up to $500 because of her belief in the work we do. She also asked Chance’s mom to help in finding Eddie find a forever or foster home. As a former inside cat, Eddie, would not be able to survive a cruel, brutal winter. We will be using some of the donations to get Eddie neutered, vaccinated, tested, and treated for parasites.
Although I am still trying to catch up on reporting about all of the animals we have helped this past summer and early Fall, we continue to get requests for help. Because of serious injuries and illnesses, I have had to put 4p1h on medical hold twice in the past few months which has not been the case in 7 years. The number of abandoned and abused cats this year has truly been overwhelming and, as my husband says, unless you’ve been lucky enough to have ‘served’ a cat, you don’t know how wonderful they are as loving pets.
Thank you to all of the many supporters and friends who help us make a difference in our communities. With much love and respect. ~ diana
P.S. I just learned that a great friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart will be fostering Eddie. He is now inside and will see a vet on Monday and after a little while will be up for adoption. I will keep everyone updated. ~ diana

Hazel and Burke – Bonded Siblings found their Forever Homes

10/29/17 – hazel & Burke 10:29:17 Hazel and Burke 10:29:17 Hazel:Burke 10:29:17More babies getting their forever homes. Thank you, Board member, Dee, and husband, Rick, for answering the call for help. I am so thankful that we could support the rescue of these kittens saved during a a TNR effort. – diana

“The Twins, Hazel & Burke, were trapped together, hung out together and ultimately went to the purr-fect forever home together. My heart could not be happier for the Twins. Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for taking care of their medical and all their bros and sisters and cousins…it’s been a busy year! Please help us to continue to save lives! Please donate www.4paws1heart.org/donations – Dee”