Luna – Rescued from a Severely Mentally Disabled Person

10/14/17 – Luna was rescued from a severely mentally disabled person who could not properly care for her. She appeared to be pregnant although she was just a kitten last December. She is very sweet and affectionate cat with yellow eyes. Her rescuer, Kathy, contacted us for assistance.
We approved Luna to be taken to the vet and, sure enough, she was pregnant and was found to be positive for feline leukemia. Although the rescuer did not plan to have one cat let alone 5, Luna had her babies. Everyone will be spayed/neutered and vaccinated and everyone will be looking for their forever home. Although, feline leukemia should not be a death sentence, Luna needs to be with another positive cat or by herself. The babies will be tested when they are old enough. If anyone is interested in helping this loving family, please contact Kathy at: . Here is Mama Luna, Celeste, Lucky, Jupiter, and Tennyson. ~ dianaluna, celeste,lucky,jjupiter tennyson 10:13:17Luna -- 10:13:17

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