Tiny Tim – Found on the Streets with a Broken Spine

10/14/17 – tiny tim 10:14:17A huge thank you to Maria and the employees of Cadillac Products in Roseville, MI for caring enough to save this little baby who couldn’t walk. Maria contacted me when Tiny Tim was brought home. At the time, the rescuers all thought her leg was broken. The great staff at Patterson, squeezed her in because she was in a lot of pain and after x rays were taken, it was determined that he spine was broken and that her colon was overflowing with feces. Tiny Tim’s prognosis was very poor and if he survived surgery for both conditions, he faced many months of recovery. We all decided to accept the doctor’s recommendation to humanely euthanize the suffering baby. These decisions are never easy and I continue to admire the many caring people who don’t turn their backs on the abandoned and abused. ~ diana

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