Aidan- Left on a Porch with a Severe Infection in the Frigid Cold

12/4/17 – I know there will be a special place in the hereafter for those who make a difference in the lives of the abandoned and abused BUT I also pray there is a special place in hell for those who abuse and neglect the most vulnerable in our society — whether they be children, our elderly, or our four-legged companions. This is Aidan and here is the e mail I received from an individual rescuer whom we’ve helped in the past.

“Hi Diana!
I desperately need your help. There was a black cat “left” on my porch tonight. I believe it’s a neutered boy and he’s in awful shape. He is malnourished and sick. We have warmed him up and gave him food and water. He is having a terrible time breathing and does this gag/choking cough thing. He’s almost done to bones. His eyes are crusty and runny as is his nose. I am positive he needs an antibiotic.
I asked my neighbors if they saw anyone dump this lil guy and they said a dark small car stopped after dinner but we were not at home and we didn’t see him when we finally got home. Just heard meowing as I was going to get the mail.
I hope and pray you can help this one too. – Karen”

UPDATE: Because of our supporters we were able to help and here is the report from the vet visit:
“He has a URI with a fever of 105.4. His breathing is bad. He also had fleas. Because a lot of his symptoms mirrored FELV he was combo tested and luckily came back negative. He was given an injection of an antibiotic for a jump start and was given CapStar and Revolution. I had the vet write a prescription for the Amoxicillin that I filled for free at Meijer. 🙂 The vet thinks he’s 2-3 years old but only weighs 4.6 pounds. You can smell the infection. What an awful smell but I promise you he’s in great hands and we will do everything possible to get him well again. My kids have always been wonderful with our fosters and this one hit us very hard after seeing how bad he was. Rest assured Aidan will get all of his meds and lots of love and snuggles.
I cannot thank you enough for once again helping me to help another fur baby.
The lil guy is snuggled up under my chin as I type this and is just so affectionate and sweet.
God Bless you Diana. Enjoy your weekend and again many many thanks!🐈
Karen, Emily, Joey and Aidan”

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Tortie – Left Behind When Her Owners Moved Away

12/3/17 – 4 paws 1 heart is thankful that we can once again make a difference in another life left behind by her miserable owners. – diana

“This sweet torte girl is yet another that was left behind when her owners moved away and needs a safe place to go. She is about 6 months old super sweet. She rubs on your leg and purrs loudly. Can anyone please help. contact [email protected]. Please share. – Jo”Tortie 12:3:17tortie 12:3:17---

Maybee – His Mom was Murdered and It Took 4 Years to Find a Forever Home

12/3/17 – Happy Update: It was in 2013 that Sabrina Gianino was found murdered by her neighbor. As an employee of a local veterinarian, she was a strong animal advocate and had several cats who she had rescued over the years. Her friend, Natalie, took in the cats and contacted 4 Paws 1 Heart for help. Since that time Natalie and I have remained in contact. We have been on WDIV to tell Sabrina’s story and to promote adoption of her cats. Most of the cats were eventually adopted but Maybee was one of those who just couldn’t seem to get a break. Last week we learned that our sweetie, Maybee, was adopted by a wonderful family. We are wishing this sweetheart who was one of the witnesses to this horrific murder, a safe and loving life. ~ dianaMAYBEE 2014Maybee w:natalie murray

Cooper – He Once Lived Inside but Was Found in the Wild

12/2/17 – cooper 12:2:17The typical domesticated cat who just needs basic vetting which includes spay/neuter usually costs about $100 per cat. The average dog costs about $200 because of the increase cost to spay/neuter and it also depends on the weight of the dog. As I’ve reported throughout the year, this has not been your typical year and we have been asked to help with many serious cases. We’ve had our tears of sadness and tears of joy but, throughout it all, our friends always seem to come through. Thank you from me personally, thank you from our Board, and a huge thank you to our Anonymous Donor. This is Cooper. One of the handsome boys saved by our friend, Roberta K. ~ diana

Hanky – An Outside ‘Feral’ Kitty Turns Out to be Not Feral

2/1/17 – As the frigid winter weather approaches, I am so very thankful for the many caring people who have become an integral part of our mission. Diane W. is one of those people who we’ve helped on several occasions when she refused to turn her back on an animal in need. Diane W. recently sent me the following:
“Hello, Diana –
My feral outside kitty, Hanky, who I have been feeding since Spring has recently come to my attention that he is friendly!! He trusts me now and only wants love, love, love, and meows the whole time!! He would actually walk in the house if I let him.
I would. too, if my husband wasn’t so against it. I’ve been so sad because I’ve been looking for a foster for two months. And now my wish finally came true!!! I know he is not fixed or declawed.
I’m trapping him early Monday morning and taking him to All About Animals. I’m hoping you can help with the vet visit to get him tested, vaccinated, and neutered.
The next day I will get him over to his foster.
Thank you so much for your help!!! I’m so happy with tears of joy!! – Diane”

We were thrilled to get another animal off the street and Hanky came through his vet visit with flying colors. Paws crossed that this very sweet boy will find the love he deserves for the rest of his life. ~ dianahanky 12:1:17hanky ---12:1:17hanky 12:1:17--

Nova – Rescued from Living Behind a Local Restaurant

11/30/17 – Little Cutie – Safe and Warm ~ diana

“Could she be any cuter? 😻 Sweet Nova is going for her makeover tomorrow thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart and then will be ready for adoption in about another week. She was rescued from living behind a local restaurant (we are still trying to trap her siblings!) Message me know if you’re interested in adopting this spunky little monkey. She is about 11 weeks old, super sweet and playful, and will be fully vetted after tomorrow with age appropriate vaccines, negative for FeLV and FIV. Available through Tigerlily Cat Rescue, contract and adoption fee $100. – Cristen”nova 11:30:17

Jane – They Threw Her Out When They Moved and She Didn’t Know Where Else to Go

11/30/17 – Meet Jane. We received the following e mail:

“My name is Riley and I heard about your organization from my coworker. I have a 2-3 year old cat that was thrown out and ended up coming back to their owners house and the owner did not want to keep her after she came back and wanted to take her to a shelter but I didn’t want her to sit in a cage so I took her in and decided to help. She ended up coming back with what looks like a missing toe, a cut on her neck and the pad of her foot is cut slightly also. I know she also does not have any shots or has been fixed. I want to be able to help her get back to her healthy self and everything she needs and find her a home but I’m also a college student and trying to pay bills and I just need some help to pay for the bills she’ll have.”

Can you imagine this very sweet, tiny girl being thrown out to fend for herself after having lived inside. I asked Riley to get a signed surrender from the owner who threw her out like garbage, which Riley did. Jane was then seen by one of our favorite veterinarians and it was found that Jane just had some minor injuries to her paw which was treated. She was also tested, vaccinated, and spayed and is doing well. Riley may have the perfect adopter for her. Paws crossed. ~ dianajane w:riley hartwig 11:7:17jane 11:7:17

Max – Outside Fending for Himself – Will Never Be a Dad Again

11/29/17 – Like dogs, cats are companion animals, but because of their proclivity to reproduce, our failure to spay/neuter, and a mis-belief that cats can fend for themselves, millions of cats are killed each year in shelters and on the streets. We are happy to be there for those who work to make a difference.
A $50 donation will pay for a feral cat to be neutered/spayed, vaccinated for rabies and treated for fleas. A $100 donation will pay for a domesticated cat to be neutered/spayed, vaccinated, tested, and flea treated.  Donate through paypal on our website: ~ Thanks, Diana

“Well, Max can rest well for one night….looky who came calling and I answered the door! Off to AAA tomorrow morning thanks to 4Paws1heart! He’s a big angry boy, and not a youngin from what I can tell….so sad that he has been fending for himself for obviously a long long time. – Patricia”max 11:28:17