Knox – Rescued From a Cat Community – A Broken Leg Resulted in Amputation

2/28/18 – Please send some positive thoughts and prayers to Knox. Last week we received the following call for help:

“Hi Diana my name is Danielle and I have a feral cat population in my neighborhood and being the animal lover I am , I feed most of them. I have a kitten that lives in my yard that is almost a year old and I noticed that he started limping a couple of days ago. I managed to get a closer look today and one of his back legs is definitely broken. It looks like he was caught in a trap, the fur is completely stripped away in one area and you can actually see the bone. He holds the leg up and manages to limp around my yard but if the leg even touches the ground he screams. He is still eating but his sweet spirit is definitely broken. I work for a pitbull rescue and know quite a bit about them, but I am not very knowledgeable about cats. He somewhat trusts me, he will let me pet him but is very fearful of other humans.- Danille:

Arrangements were made for Knox to see a vet and it was confirmed that his leg was broken and needed to be amputated. Danielle and I already discussed this possibility because if this happened, he could not go back outside again. Knox’s leg was amputated but before that he was found to be feline leukemia positive. Thankfully, Danielle, wanted to give this sweet boy. who was obviously caught in an inhumane trap, love and shelter and she will be keeping him and 4 Paws 1 Heart has committed to helping him in his journey. ~ diana

UPDATE:  “HI auntie Diana! I am in my new home with mom and my new k9 brother Chevy. We just wanted to send a pic so you could see how handsome and happy I am. Thanks again for saving my life, we love you. – Knox”knox w:danielle leeknox2:28:18

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