Max – Tortured and Left to Die

3/12/18 – Max has had a horrible life; how horrible we can only guess. His spirit, his mind, and his body have been horribly damaged but a kind woman rescued him and hopes that with the help of 4 paws 1 heart, we can make him whole again. Here is his story as told by Amy. ~ diana
“I found Max on a busy street; he was covered in blood and he was so weak, he just fell in my arms. He walked sideways. He was so dehydrated, I had to bottle feed him water for 2 weeks. Max could notmove he laid on my bed on top of puppy pads. I took him to the vet; his immune system was so weak. Max had mange and a serious infection in his jaw that was caused by a bite mark. He had a bunch of different bite marks on his face and his nose. He was very very skinny and you could see every bone in his body. He had a very serious head tilt since he had a serious serious ear infection from ‘them’ cutting a piece of his ear off; they also cut a diamond shape out of his tongue. He was electrocuted and appeared extremely tortured; until this day I’m still finding Issues from the torture. He cannot be kenneled because he freaks out so bad to where he makes himself bleed. He has extreme separation anxiety, fear, and aggressive to men (who he really doesn’t like). Amy”
Max also has ‘lumps’ on his elbows. 4 Paws 1 Heart has taken on Max’s medical and so far he has been treated for a severe ear infection. He’s had a few seizures which may be attributed to that. Max will now be seeing our favorite and most trusted doctors at Patterson Veterinary. Please pray for him an all of the other animals who are so tortured and abused.
Your donations enable us to make a difference in this; P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080.
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FUNDRAISING – Amazon Smile Opportunity

3/11/18 – We are excited to tell you that starting tomorrow, March 12, 2018 and through March 31, Amazon Smile is tripling the donation amount to 1.5% when customers make their FIRST purchase. If you haven’t used Amazon Smile before under 4 Paws 1 Heart, please do. Go to
Happy shopping while you save the lives of our four-legged friends.

Stanley – RIP

3/10/18 – RIP Sweet Stanley. It was January 11, 2018 when I got the call. Would 4 Paws 1 Heart cover Stanley’s medical. He was found lethargic and nearly frozen in a cat community. The doctor determined that Stanley (a girl) was very high positive for fiv and she was very emaciated. Our friend, Jo A. took her in and gave her love until yesterday when she had to make that very difficult decision. Stanley had been eating and drinking but when she was picked up yesterday to go to the vet for a re-examination, she was lethargic and appeared very dehydrated. Our friend and transporter, Debra B.. was concerned that she would not live through the ride. The doctor later called me and advised that Stanley had a serious gum infection, the fiv appeared to be worsening and that although she had been eating and drinking, she was very dehydrated and her organs seemed to be shutting down. Stanley was in definite distress and with the doctor’s recommendation, we all agreed to let Stanley cross the rainbow bridge so that she could again be that happy, playful kitty she probably once was. Unfortunately, Stanley was probably one of thousands of cats who either break out of their homes and never are re-united or one who was dumped by her owners. May God bless all of the rescuers/fosters/transporters/doctors who are so devoted to these abandoned animals. Stanley had two months of warmth and love and left this earth in the arms of a very kind woman at Patterson Veterinary. ~ diana

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FUNDRAISER – May 3, 2018 Painting With a Twist

3/10/18 – WELCOME with HIBISCUS (on the left) — This is what our participants will be painting at our Painting With A Purpose fundraiser on Thursday, May 3, 2018 (SAVE THE DATE). The event will be at Painting With a Twist at 50336 Schoenherr, Shelby Twp. and will open at 6:30 p.m. On-line sign up will soon be available. You might like to give your mom a special painting, made with love, for Mother’s Day. ~ dianaunnamed-3

Benji – Rescued Shortly Before Being Taken to a Shelter

3/8/18 – A wonderful woman in the 4 Paws 1 Heart family contacted me about a nice gentleman named Joe who took Benji in to find a home for him after he noticed the neighbor hitting him with her walking stick & threatening to poison him. Her cats were also beating him up whenever he tried being friendly with them. With some help from Mary Lou, Benji (grey kitty) is now in a wonderful home with a special education teacher & her family (including his new human brother & even a fur brother whom he adores!. As Mary Lou wrote: “Thank you so much for helping with his vetting to ensure he has a wonderful life now!!! We couldn’t have done it without 4 paws 1 heart!!” Here is his new mom’s update. ~ diana

“Benji came to us through the power of social media. My dear friend Mary Lou is a dedicated animal rescuer. She cross- posted about a stray being taken care of by an older gentleman who was planning to take him to a shelter by Saturday afternoon as he was unable to keep him permanently. I watched as the post was shared and shared (over 100 times) but the deadline drew near. I don’t know what drew me too this little guy but, I couldn’t stand the idea of him being taken to a shelter and facing an uncertain future. When 4 Paws offered to support an adopter with the costs, which we would not have been able to afford at this time, we knew that this little guy was meant to be ours. He has been named Benji and is quickly establishing himself as a quirky and loving member of the household. He loves his cat friend Rocket and his humans too! -Melissa”benji w:rachel gerstnerbenji:rachel:3:9:18

TNR – Star and Twinsie – 6 Years and Going Strong

These sweet feral kitties are very spoiled. They have an outdoor heating pad in their shelter, their caretaker makes them fish broth, and Team Chance are always on the lookout for their safety. There is nothing better than knowing we are putting a dent in the number of unwanted animals being born. ~ diana

“My beautiful ferals Star & Twinsie have lived safely in our yard for 6yrs. Thankfully they’ve never had any babies because they are spayed courtesy of 4 Paws 1 Heart. Kitten season is already here, spay & neutering saves lives!!! – Denise”star and twinsie w:dee najera 3:4:18

Tazzy – 14 Years Old and Nearly Blind – Found Alone on the Streets

3/5/18 – Tazzy was found all alone on the streets. A 14-year old senior who had a badly infected eye, a staph infection on his skin, and many teeth needing extraction. Tazzy’s owners could not be found and the great people at 313 K9 & Kitty Rescue took him in and contacted us for help. When Tazzy was taken to the vet, a mass was also discovered in his throat. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for Tazzy’s medical and today he is being much loved in the home of a 90-year old woman and her daughter. I love it when a senior can adopt a senior and they can live out their lives together.

Now that the holidays are behind us, donations have slowed down. So, if you can, please consider donating so that we can continue helping these beautiful animals who would otherwise die on the streets or be euthanized. Use the donate link on the left of this page, or our website 4paws1heart.orgThank YOU!! ~ dianatazzy -- w:313:1:21:18tazzy w:313 1:24:18

Jack Frost – Found in a Garage Nearly Frozen to Death

3/2/18 – jack frost 3:2:18Please share so that Jack can find his forever home! Just before Christmas Eve, Jack Frost was found in someone’s garage nearly frozen to death and unable to access food or water. He was a skeleton of bones. I took him home to care for him and It took several days for him to regulate his body temperature and adjust to food normally because he had trouble swallowing. He is doing wonderful and up to 6pounds (he was 2 pounds). He is neutered and vaccinated and checked out healthy covered by 4 paws 1 heart.
Jack would probably do best in a home where he has a another cat to play with. He loves other cats. He is about 6 months old and grey and white with green eyes. He enjoys being picked up and held and loved on. Please email me for any more information. Gina [email protected]♡♡♡♡♡