Bowling Fundraiser – June 2, 2018

3/18/18 – We already have one lane filled and one sponsorship so get ready to join the fun. This is an event that sells out early so get your reservations in early. You can pay through paypal, just add an additional $1 for every bowler and include the names of the bowlers. Also, if you know of anyone who might want to sponsor a lane, please let me know. Lane Sponsorships are $100 and the sponsors get their names on the score monitor for a minimum of a week. If you don’t want to bowl, just come and join in the fun and the raffles. I always order extra pizzas. Hope to see all of our friends! – dianabowling 2018

Annie – Sends Flowers to Gina – Her Savior

3/17/18 – 29343063_1841761719189451_8118768667912406224_nannie 3:17:18_annie 3:17:18annie 3:17:18+Thank you “Annie” for the beautiful flower arrangement I received today. I am so blessed to have been able to give you a chance at life. Alicia made our initial connection and all the more reason why I stand behind the fact that it takes a village. She stood up for you when you were only 3 days old, and she pushed for your family to give you a Fighting Chance by giving you up to me. If it were not for her you would not be here. I just so happened to know how to keep you alive once you were in my possession, and now you will live a happy life surrounded by love.
I think it is safe to say that you are officially in your new home. Your new mommy and daddy love you so much 🙂 Thank you Julie, I know Annie is in the best hands.
This is why my ♡ goes on… Gina

Painting With A Twist – May 3, 2018

3/17/18 – Bring out your inner artist and sign up today for our Painting With A Twist fundraiser — Thursday, May 3, 2018; doors open at 6:30 p.m. A night of laughter, raffles, wine, and hors d’oeuvres. Who knows — your painting might be nice enough to give to mom for mother’s day. diana…/1401368/painting with a twist 2018

Yin and Half Face – Began Their Lives as Ferals, Now Safe and Loved

3/15/18 – Happy Beginnings!! Ying and Half Face started off as ferals. With patience and love, they were socialized while outside. We were asked to help by a good friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart. With the help of our amazing village, these sweet kitties have been trapped, tested, fixed, vaccinated, and adopted out together into a loving home. A huge thank you to Geri, Rachel G, Jo C., and Jo A. There is one more kitty still to trap so paws crossed she will come around. ~ diana

Mickey (aka Mila) – Her Infection Was So Severe She Lost One Eye and Lost Sight in the Other

We have worked with Stacey on many occasions but I had no idea of what she went through because she put the welfare of animals ahead of her own. $10,000 and the threat of a felony conviction with possible jail time because she was trying to make sure that NO ONE ever allowed a particular person to foster an animal again. There is definitely room for improvement in our laws and a definite need to do more to protect those who are voiceless. My heart broke when I was called about this little girl but I’m so happy that although one eye needed removal and one eye no longer has sight, she is in a loving home. I just can’t express the importance of 4 paws 1 heart and the village of caring individuals who give up so much of their lives for those who must rely on us. ~ dianamickey:mila foster refused to give medication; 1 eye removed the other blind w:stacey krahe 2015mila:mickey mickey:mila w:stacy 3:13:18

Duke – Suffering From an Autoimmune Disease Requiring All of His Teeth to be Removed

3/12/18 – 4 Paws 1 Heart originally helped Duke with having the majority of his teeth removed due to a severe gum infection. Last week we were contacted by Duke’s rescuer advising the following:
“Duke isn’t doing so good! 🙁 duke has an autoimmune disease and his body is rejecting his teeth.. again.. 2 years ago he had most (all but 2) of his teeth removed… his mouth was severely infected & he became anemic very quickly… he’s was fighting quite a battle… his odds weren‘t good… but it was not a question that we had to fight for dukes life! Well the last two teeth got to go as infection is setting in and his kidney isn’t doing so great. I’m so grateful for the help of 4paws1heart in dukes care, as well as Kimberly Joy. Without them & many others who donated duke wouldn’t be here! Duke is so alive; he’s only 4.. he has such the will to live, I can’t throw in the towel now… if you would like to donate toward his medical care you can donate directly to 4paws1heart ( will post link below) Thanks again to everyone who has supported duke, it is more than APPRECIATED! Erica”

FOLLOW UP: Duke’s new doctor suggests that Duke does not have ‘fatty liver disease’ as originally diagnosed but does have a liver issue. We are working with our vet to ensure that Duke is comfortable and pain free and will be treated as needed to maintain Duke’s quality of life. ~ dianaduke 3:13:18