Eva – She Lived in the Woods for 4 Months Before She Could Be Caught

2/11/19 – Last week I received the following message:
“I have finally secured a beautiful girl who had been living in the woods for at least 4 months. Our journey has been one of many long days and a lot of tears. I knew I had to do everything possible to save her. My friend, Shelley E., suggested I contact you. – Angel”
Of course we were there for Eva. Thankfully she was found heart worm negative, she received her vaccines, and flea medications, and will be spayed this week. What would these innocent animals do without the people who don’t turn their backs!!! ~ diana

Eva w:angel sccott 2:5:192/21/19 – UPDATE – Look at Eva now.  After 4 months living in the frigid cold, in the woods, fending for herself, she is now the apple of her rescuer’s eyes and looks pretty comfy on her couch..eva 2:8:19

Rusty – Found on the Street, Neutered and Front Declawed

2/8/19 – Meet Rusty! We have worked with Shayla often and she is an Animal Angel. Rusty will be going to the vet tomorrow, complements of 4p1h. – diana

2/9/18 – Rusty is about 8 years old, neutered and front declawed.  He either escaped or was dumped.  Shayla has put flyers and postings up in hopes of finding Rusty’s owners. ~ dianarusty 2:9:19-- rusty w:shayla 2:9:192/21/19 – Rusty has found his forever home. ~ diana

Ember – Found on the Street with a Prolapsed Rectum

2/8/19 – Ember was found on the street with a prolapsed rectum. The finder took her to the vet; he pushed it back in but thought surgery would eventually be required. That was the case and we were happy to help. Ember is doing great and we are thankful that this sweetheart didn’t have to suffer through the freezing temperatures in this condition. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/ember w:sunshine 12:18:18 ember w:sunshine 12:16:18

Buddy – RIP Sweet Boy

2/7/19 – RIP Sweet Buddy. This morning we woke up to crushing news, Buddy died. On Wednesday morning Buddy was taken to the Animal Neurology Center where he was found to be anemic and dehydrates. He was put on fluids and x rayed where it was found that he had a herniated disc that may have resulted from an old injury, such as being hit by a car. His knee was also swollen and in chronic pain. The doctor thought rehabilitation and steroid management may be the next steps but wanted Buddy to have a CT Scan and MRI which was to be done this morning. He was resting comfortably in the hospital until early this morning when he started vomiting, panting, and breathing heavily. An ultra sound was done and it was found that Buddy had significant fluid in the abdomen which appeared toxic. Gastric perforation or another cause of septic abdomen was suspected; possibly the high doses of prednisone. Buddy was such a sweet boy that all of our hearts are breaking with the news. Our only comfort is that Buddy died knowing love and care and wasn’t alone on the streets to be prey for others while he laid there unable to move. A huge thanks to all of those who tried so hard to save this boy. ~ diana
buddy 2:3:19

Buddy – Found on the Street, Unable to Walk

2/5/19 – Buddy’s story as posted by our rescue friend, Gail.
“Meet Buddy! He was found laying outside unable to walk. A friend took him in and contacted me to see if 4 Paws 1 Heart could help. Of course they said yes! Per Diana’s instructions, I took Buddy to the emergency vet yesterday and he has a ruptured disk and the space between his vertebrae is very narrow. He needs to be on crate rest for at least 2 weeks with anti inflammatory medicine and pain pills. This is only the beginning for Buddy’s recovery. I will be fostering Buddy and hopefully he will heal enough to be able to walk on his own. The tests and over night stay was very expensive and if you could find it in your heart, to help me help 4 Paws 1 Heart! 4 Paws helps the abused and abandoned animals and rely on donations so they can help animals like Buddy! Please, donate if you can, any little bit helps and please share this post so we can help more animals in need. Any and all donations go straight to 4 Paws 1 Heart! – Gail”

What isn’t mentioned is that Buddy also has some serious skin issues. We are going to give this sweet boy, who was probably in the severe freezing temperatures, an opportunity to decompress and then he will see one of our favorite doctors at Patterson Veterinary in Clinton Twp. Every vet I have talked with in the emergency hospital has told me how sweet our big boy (over 80 lbs.) is. A huge thanks to Gail, her son, and her son’s friend who rescued Buddy. And please pray that Buddy will heal. If surgery is required, the cost could be beyond our ability. ~ diana

buddy 2:3:19 buddy 2:2:19

Trixie – Found With a Broken Pelvis – UPDATE

trixie 2:4:192/4/19 – Trixie Update. Please share and keep her in your prayers. ~ diana

?CHANCE: Shhhh! Be careful, whisper…we dont want to wake up Trixie!
Sooo, Trixie is home. She was sent home with careful instructions on how to help her potty, Appetite Stimulant becuse she hasn’t really eaten anything much at the hospital but a wee bit of baby food. Pills for inflammation & serious pain meds. So when mom brought her home she let her snuggle into her crate and rest for a bit. Oliver went and said a brief hello, Bridgette settled herself into the visitors chair next to Trixies crate, ever the house nurse that Bridgette. I went down also and gave a reassuring meow and made sure Trixie has everything she needs. She says she loves her crate and especially her new ortho bed.
After a nice rest from the trip home, mom decided to try a bit of food warmed up before syringe feeding her. She ate the whole bowl of food!!! Yay Trixie!!! Then a little while ago when mom went to express her bladder, Trixie scooted herself right in her box and peed a wee bit all on her own, yay Trixie!!! Mom did have to help with her poo, but woweeee!!! Trixie has the heart of a lioness and she is a real fighter!!!
She will see Dr. Z tomorrow morning bright & early, and we will know more then ❤”

Morky and Micky – Rescued from a Cat Community

2/4/19 – Morky and Micky. Such beautiful cats. Paws crossed that Joanne is able to socialize these cuties so they can be forever loved in a nice warm home. ~ diana

“Here are Morky and Micky – 2 feral cats that have been trapped and neutered with the gracious help of 4Paws1Heart. The cats are approximately 6 months old and very active and enjoying access to toys and unlimited food. Micky (the one with the messy fur) is not developing as fast as his brother and I am not certain he knows how to properly groom himself thus resulting in matted/messy fur. Unfortunately, they are struggling with human contact, but I have not given up hope that they can become permanent indoor cats. The cats have already been away from their outdoor cat friends for weeks and due to their size and over-all personalities may not thrive or survive outdoors. The cats are bonded and cannot be separated without causing great anxiety and fear. My plan is to continue to work with the cats and ultimately find them a new home. I have already added one more cat from the cat community to my indoor cat collection after she refused to leave. Her fear of everything is so severe that she could not survive outdoors. The cat community has another 4-6 cats that visit on a regular basis and 3 or 4 neighborhood cats that stop by for a snack. With the financial assistance from 4P1H, the feral cats will be trapped and fixed to prevent the community from growing!!- Joanne”morky and micky