Ginger – Rescued After Being Hit By A Truck – Update

7/23/19 – Last month I posted Ginger’s story. She was seen being hit by a truck but no one was around to claim her. A kind family brought her to the vet where it was determined that her leg was broken. The family could not afford to pay for her surgery so we were contacted. Ginger had the surgery and was doing fine but less than a month later, while out in her new yard, she broke her leg again. Unfortunately, this time, it required amputation. Ginger is again home and doing well. Her new family loves her.

Those of you who have pets know the cost of just the bare minimum of medical care let alone surgeries of this nature. Without our help (made possible by our donors), Ginger would have been humanely euthanized. But now, she will hopefully have a long life with a loving family.

This is why your support is so important. – dianaginger-61919 ginger 8:14:19 ginger 7:20:17

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