Dreema – She Was the Last of a Litter Not to be Sold

7/22/19 – This little girl was going to be dumped after the rest of his litter had been sold. Fortunately, a rescuer whom we’ve helped in the past, was there to save her. We had her go to the doctor for a wellness check but last week I got an emergency call because Dreema was lethargic and we were all concerned. We were able to get her into a vet where she was given fluids. She is eating and doing well. My husband met her last week when he delivered some pet food and he says that she is a little doll. I think that’s obvious. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/dreema 7:22:19

Thor – RIP

7/19/19- RIP Thor. Last week Thor was brought to emergency with what turned out to be a urinary tract blockage. Thor had surgery but the doctors thought that there might have been other neurological issues. It was unknown how long Thor had been suffering with this issue in that he was rescued when he was walking out from under a tree. Thor appeared to be doing well when he got back to his rescuer’s home but last night we were informed that he passed away. All of our hearts are breaking. Not only for Thor, but for every animal on the streets who we will never know about, who will die alone. We thank Thor’s rescuer, Connie, for all that she did to give Thor love. ~ diana

Thor w:connie vicars 7:15:19

Sweetie – Found with Head Injuries and a Fractured Mandible

7/19/19 – At this time of the year it often seems the only animals we assist our cats because of the volume getting sick and injured on the streets. This little one is another one of those. The woman who had been caring for a mama and her 6 kittens noticed that one of the kittens had been injured — possibly attacked. He had head injuries and a fractured mandible. The rescue, Top Dog Animal Rescue, who contacted us for help said that they were aware of the family and had been trying to find a foster for them. Now the little guy is in the hospital with hopes of making a full recovering. We were glad to help a rescue in the difficult job of saving these poor innocent animals who must rely on us. ~ diana

top dog animal rescue 7:8:19

Peggy – Just a Little One Herself, Had Babies and Required a Leg Amputation

7/18/19 – This is Peggy. A very kind woman who does independent rescue contacted me about a stray pregnant cat who she had been trying to catch while still pregnant. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and Peggy, just a little one herself, had her kittens but the rescuer couldn’t find them. After giving birth, Peggy became more trusting but the babies still could not be found. The following day when the rescuer went to feed her in an abandoned backyard, she heard crying from an abandoned garage. Lo and behold, there was Peggy with a right rear leg, broken and dangling. The rescuer immediately took Peggy into her home but continued to worry about the kittens because she still hadn’t found them. Peggy was taken to a veterinary where it was determined that her leg would need to be amputated. In the mean time, the search continued for the babies. These two little guys were finally found, having spent four days away from their mom and Mama Peggy had her leg amputated with the funds from 4 Paws 1 Heart. The story doesn’t end there because 4 Paws 1 Heart will also take care of her spay and vaccines as well as the medical needs for her babies when they are old enough. – Diana
peggy 7:18:19 peggy's babies 7:18:19

Hannah and Jackson – Congratulations as You Go to Your Furever Home

Boat Babies update. Hannah and Jackson have been officially adopted into the bestest home ever!!! They are loving their new home and their other 2 older siblings are watching them carefully. I think they will all be snuggling in no time! Thank youRobert Katoch and lovely wife Sharon for opening their heart and home to them….and thank you for the generous donation to 4 Paws 1 Heart so we can help more abandoned and abused animals that need medical treatment. Thankfully the boat babies have only known love and care and always will.

NOW -it’s time for Ellie and Sallie to find their perfect home. Who needs some wild and silly kittens in their life??? Contact me…… stay tuned for a Sallie and Ellie post!Hannah and Jackson 7:15:19

Raglan – RIP – Found With a Severe Upper Respiratory Infection

7/17/19 – RIP Raglan. On Monday we received a call from a rescuer we have helped before. A kitten, weighing only 13.9 oz., showed up in her colony appearing very weak. She brought the kitten into her home and reported that she could hardly get her to eat and thought she might have an upper respiratory infection. We got her into a vet almost immediately and Raglan was given antibiotics and sent home with a scheduled follow up visit. She seemed to be doing better but last night she passed away. Once again, we find some comfort in knowing that she received lots of love in those very short hours she was in a home.raglan 7:17:19

Winky – Rescued Having a Very Severe Upper Respiratory Infection

7/17/19 – Winky appeared to be abandoned by her mother. Fortunately, a very kind woman found her and brought her into her home. Winky’s eye appeared very infected so she was taken to a vet. The vet determined that Winky’s eye needed to be removed. During surgery, the doctor found the eye had multiple blisters and was badly infected and damaged. The good news is that the surgery was successful. Winky now has a loving home with a loving mom and she is in her forever home pain free. Her rescuer, Kelly, said that Winky must have been in a lot of pain because she is a “different cat” after the surgery. Much thanks to Rakestraw Veterinary for always helping us with these cases. And even more thanks to the rescuer! ~ diana

baby girl aka winky 7:15:19 winky 7:17:19

Jax, Opie, and Clay – Just Babies, Found on the Street, With Severe Upper Respiratory Infections

7/16/19 – After being rescued from the streetsin early July, Jax, Opie, and Clay went to our friend, Patricia.  Jax weighed in at  9 ounces.  They all had very severe eye and upper respiratory infection issues.. Opie’s left eye is going to be scarred, but ok. And Clay has his right eye that is scarred but ok. Now all are over 1 lb 5 ounces.  They are now with our friend Debbie and 4 Paws 1 Heart  has committed to their medical needs. ~ dianaJax, Opie, and Clay 7:16:19

Thor – Found on the Street With a Urinary Blockage

Thor – Last Wednesday I received an e mail about a cat found on the street who appeared to be injured. The rescuer said that he wasn’t eating/drinking, barely moving, and was breathing slowly. We immediately got him into Advanced Animal Emergency and later in the evening I was advised that Thor had a urinary blockage. Treatment began and on the 4th night, Thor was picked up by his rescuer and taken home. While being observed in the hospital, the doctors also thought that Thor might have neurological issues because of his inability to stand at times. It is unknown if the issue was a result of the blockage or whether the condition was from birth or some other trauma. Nonetheless, as of last night, Thor was walking around and appeared to be doing good. The rescuer has committed to giving Thor a furever home and providing the appropriate food to help avoid future blockage. Paws crossed that Thor can remain healthy and blockage free. Thor would have suffered a horrible death had he not been rescued by Connie and her family. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/Thor w:connie vicars 7:15:19

Spot (aka Manny) – Rescued Before Being Taken to a Shelter — Flea Infested and Emaciated

7/16/19 – Spot (aka Manny) spot w:shayla 7:15:19 spot 7:15:19==-1 spot 7:15:19---was ‘dumped’ with some people who could not care for her on a permanent basis. Before they could take her to a shelter, a friend of 4p1h took him in to try and find a forever home for him. Yesterday he was taken to the vet and although very malnourished (20 lbs. under weight), he tested negative for heart worm, but was flea infested and was treated for an ear infection. Anyone interested in this poor boy, who has been so bounced around, should contact Shayla at: [email protected] – diana