Waylon – Found in a Walmart Parking Lot

waylon 7:10:19-- waylon 7:10:198/10/19 – This little guy was found in the middle of a Walmart parking lot. Fortunately, a good Samaritan rescued him and contacted Chance’s mom, Denise. Denise found a foster for Waylon and he was taken to the vet yesterday. Waylon is only 1 lb and is about 5-6 weeks old. We will be covering his medical expenses including neuter when he is big enough. Anyone interested in giving this boy a furever home should contact Denise at: [email protected]

Waylon is reminding our supporters to vote every day for 4 Paws 1 Heart at:freestarfinancial.com/vote – diana

Miracle – Update – Her Leg Will Have to be Amputated

8/15/19 – Update on our Miracle. After her initial vet visit, Miracle’s leg seemed to be getting better. Dead skin was falling off and the leg seemed to be improving. Today, her rescuer contacted me to report that there has been a setback. Miracle will be going back to the vet tomorrow. Please say a little prayer for her. We are committed to her and if she needs to have the leg amputated to save her life, we will be there. Also, Miracle will be needing a forever home. ~ dianamiracle 8:15:19 miracle w:lindsey 7:30:19

Bandit – RIP – Sweet 12 Year Old Found Alone on the Streets

bandit w:jo add 4:10:188/15/19 He was rushed to the emergency last night and will have further testing today. Without you the Bandits of the world would die on the streets. Thank YOU for helping. ~ diana

8/16/19 – Update – Bandit was taken to another vet the following day and a huge mass was found near his organs. ┬áIt was decided by the rescuer and the doctor that it would be kinder to let Bandit cross the Rainbow Bridge. ~ diana

Ginger – Update

8/14/19 – Another Happy Beginning as the Charity contest winds down and we get ready for our Fun 5k on August 17.

You might remember Ginger. We were contacted in early June about a dog who had been seen getting hit by a truck and no one claimed her. A kind couple rescued her, brought her to a vet and it was determined that her leg was broken. We were then contacted for help. Ginger had surgery and we hoped that would be the end of her suffering. But, unfortunately, not long after the surgery, Ginger broke her leg again and it required amputation. Yesterday I got word from her rescuer (new forever family) that Ginger is doing great and behaving as any puppy would — playful. She is still at that awkward stage when her legs are growing faster than she can handle. The family loves her and says they are forever grateful we were there for all of them. Here’s her now and before photos. ginger 8:14:19 ginger-61919

Coco – Happy Update on the Kitty Seen Being Hit by a Car

8/13/19 – Trust me when I say that I still have a lot more cases to report on but I know that our supporters love happy beginnings so here is one on Coco. It was late December when a kind couple saw a kitten get hit by a car. The driver never stopped but, fortunate, the couple did; otherwise, the kitten would have been run over again on the busy road. The couple brought her to the nearest vet and $400 later contacted us to see if we could just assist with the future medical. We not only did that but we were able to pay for Coco’s emergency treatment. The other day I received an update from Sharon, the rescuer. Coco is doing great and is much loved in her forever home.
We couldn’t do this without you supporting our community partners and our fundraisers — as well as your donations. We thank you so muc
coco-1119 coco 7:11:19

Noelle – Rescued in 2015, Now Needs Your Prayers

8/11/19 noelle12:12:15 Noelle12:11:15 Noelle 8:7:19I wanted all of our friends to say a prayer for our Noelle. She was brought into the emergency where Gina worked in December, 2015. She was dying of the parvo virus, but of course, with Gina’s love and care along with the staff, Noelle survived and was adopted to a loving family. Unfortunately, I just learned that Noelle has lymphoma. She has had cancer treatments and is in remission but the doctors have said the cancer can’t be cured. We are so thankful to her loving family who has fought to take care of our girl. ~ diana

Bug – Rescued From a Very Dangerous Area

8/8/19 – Bug was rescued by a good friend of 4p1h. He was running the streets in a very dangerous area. Bug is now with our friends at Rebel Dogs Detroit and 4 Paws 1 Heart will be paying for his final medical needs — neuter, vaccines, heart worm test. Anyone interested in this handsome guy should contact Rebel Dogs Detroit, a great rescue who we’ve worked with from their beginning. – dianabug 8;:7:19 bug 8:8:19

Muffin – Sick and Abandoned, Brought to a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – Very Sick

8/9/19 Update – Muffin is a he and he is doing great in his forever home.
8/8/19 – Meet Muffin, a sick and abandoned stray kitten, who was brought into a wildlife rehabilitation center after being found in a garage. The employee at the Rehab Center contacted us because the little one needed medical treatment and the manager at the rehab center wasn’t able to help. The kitten was “scared to death”. The people who brought him to the rehab center said he was too scared and weak to eat. Eventually the staff got him to eat, however he barely acted like a kitten should because he was so sick and thin. Muffin had an upper respiratory infection as well as being emaciated. We were very thankful to hisrescuers and glad we could help. Thank you to Sasha, rehab employee, who took responsibility for this very sick kitty. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I will say it many times more, it truly takes a village of caring people. Without all of us, these innocent animals would not survive. ~ dianamuffin 7:14:19 muffin w:sasha 7:14:19 muffin 7:14:19 w:sasha muffin 7:13:19